Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Monday a fresh slate!

I had a really great week last week. I had awesome workouts Monday-Friday including 2 zumba classes, 2 count down workouts, more cardio and some WEIGHTS! I am really trying to get in the habit of including weights in my weekly workouts, but I need to do better!!! I have printed out some exercises to do with the weighted bars, and will go from there. How do you make weights a part of your routine?

Now it is Monday and we have a fresh slate. I can be proud of the workouts I had last week, but I have to keep moving and have even better workouts this week.

In other new, the scale still hasn't changed. I have had 3 weeks of killer workouts that I am so proud of, and when I step on the scale and see no change, or a gain it is hard not to feel down. I have also been tracking my food very carefully...I so want to see a change!!! I just have to keep going!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Count Down Workout

I am always looking for ways to spice up my gym time and last night I had fun doing a "Count Down" workout. It looked like this...

12 minutes on upright bike
10 minutes on Incline Trainer  (this machine KILLS me...always has!)
8 minutes on upright bike
6 minutes on Incline Trainer
4 minutes upright bike
2 minutes on Incline Trainer

I didn't start the 12 minutes on the upright bike until I was at my target heart rate. I finished in about 45 mins which included the time to change machines (they were next to each other) and hit that initial THR.

I cooled down with about 5 minutes on the treadmill.

And according to my HR monitor I burned about 700 calories!

I will definitely be doing this again!

I also bit the bullet Monday and drove to the sister gym in the next town to get in a Zumba class. I MISS ZUMBA. I will do this atleast once a week, but I hate the longer drive home at night!