Friday, April 29, 2011

Race Cancelled

With all the damage due to tornadoes, my race that was scheduled for tomorrow has been canceled. I have not ran or worked out since Tuesday. Now that my race is canceled, I am going to try to put in a long session at the gym this afternoon. Hope to work my mileage for the week back up. We have not decided if we are heading out of town this weekend or not. Part of me wants to just stay home, but Tommy wants to go. We have power...though it is spotty...and if we head out of town we will have access to power for the weekend. I am just not sure.
Hope you all have a nice weekend. Continue to keep Alabama in your prayers...I think the current Alabama death total is at 210 as of this morning...thousands have been injured.

A couple of minutes after I posted this, Tommy called and said his boss told him he could use his work van (he is a delivery driver) to load up supplies and take to the affected areas. So I am leaving work early to help with this...I may not get all my mileage in for the week, but I can feel a tiny bit like I am helping my neighbors around the state. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We are Okay!

Thanks so much to blogger friends that have sent emails and txts to me in the past two days. Tommy and I are fine. My heart is breaking over the devastation throughout Alabama and other southern states. As of this morning 128 have been confirmed dead in Alabama. 40 miles South a complete town was wiped out. 40 miles East stores and homes have been leveled. Closer to home, we are lucky to only be dealing with mostly wind damage. On my street alone there were multiple houses with trees through the roofs.
In Huntsville and surrounding areas (where many friends live...and where we frequent on weekends) they are without power. They have said it could be up to 5 days before power is restored due to damage with TVA.

At one point yesterday, there was a tornado warning in every county of Alabama. It was insane...the media did not know what areas to concentrate...and were basically telling the entire stated to take cover. We were without power most of the day yesterday...but it was restored last night...I was thankful for my radio on my iPod, candles, and friends in other areas with access to television to tell us when the next round should hit.
There were anxious moments when the tornadoes were going through Tuscaloosa...I have both friends and family in that area...and was nervous until we heard from them.

Today is a day to count blessings and hug friends...and strangers that have lost people they love. Please say a prayer for my state. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Fever Challenge- Week 4

This week's positive picture:
This is a picture of my first 5k. If the weather is nice, I will be running this race again this weekend. The race is about an hour from my house, and then we will be heading about 4 hours south to catch a few baseball games. We have a threat for storms and tornadoes this week. But I am hoping for a good run Saturday morning and good baseball that night (and maybe a swim at the hotel pool!)   :)

Question Time: 
What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?*Weekly Question
Goal 1- Face and Floss- Got the face done everyday...and flossed everyday except Friday Night.
Goal 2- 150 feet miles- I am at 39
Goal 3- Fitness Class -I actually got in 3 classes this week. They all paired will with my strength training goal. I did a Muscles class and Strictly Strength twice. LOVED the Strictly Strength class. It included lots of squats, dumbbell work, bar and bench work, and stretching. I will be doing more of this class :) 
Goal 4- Fitness Adventures with Humphrey- Sunday we went to the park and walked a mile. He was worn out after and slept the rest of the day LOL
Goal 5- Vitamins and Supplements- Missed Saturday.
Goal 6- Strength Training- Got in 3/3!

What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
I supported a friend during a difficult week.
Fill in the blanks:
__Reading to Children__ comes naturally to me.
__Gardening__does not come naturally to me.
I wish __running__ came naturally to me.

Fun Question:  What is your favorite Easter candy? Are you allowing yourself some this year?
I love Peeps! I got some in my Easter Basket that the hubby made for me, but haven't eaten any yet. I did have a Cadbury Egg and a mini peanut butter cup :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mind Dump

There is so much  going on in my head I thought I would just throw it all out here bullet style :)

* My best friend lost his father yesterday. It was expected, but I don't think you are ever really prepared to say goodbye. My heart breaks for him and I wish I knew how to comfort him. When my Dad passed away he flew in from graduate school...and then flew back again the next week to be a part of my wedding. I hope that I can be at least half the comfort to him that he was to me. It is just so hard knowing a friend is hurting.
An old picture of us...

*Yesterday Debbie and Shannon asked about my reflections on my 30 Day challenge. When I started the 30 days, my easy pace one- mile took about I am very comfortable at a 12 minute mile. I wish I would have kept a tally of exactly how many miles I ran during the challenge. During the 30 days I did not lose any weight...but that's OK I will get there eventually...I just have to keep moving forward.

*  I went and had lab work done last week and they are changing the dosage of my thyroid medicine...I have to go back in one month for more lab work. I have read that it can take up to a year to get thyroid levels balanced out...but I am still hopeful that it won't take that long. (If anyone has any experience with this please give me some words of advise or encouragement...this is so frustrating!)

*  I didn't get to swim while we were out of town this weekend :(      I was really disappointed. The first day the pool was closed because they were having a prom at the hotel that night...when we came in that night the pool looked gorgeous with floating lit flowers all in it... and the prom kids looked nice too. On Sunday morning, the pool didn't open until 9 and we were checking out at 10...just not enough time. Maybe next trip.

* I really hate to see people being mean to others about their weight.  This weekend at the baseball game, the high school kid that was working as a bat boy was possibly 15lbs over weight. He was tall with a muscular build (very football player type body). At one point during the game, he didn't see a ball laying on the field after a play...and the home team's catcher yelled at him to pretend that the ball was a cupcake and run after it. I was just shocked by the rudeness. And I felt really bad for the kid...I mean this was opening weekend for that team, and possibly the kid's first day on the job...and now he will be reminded of that player's comment every time he works(or maybe he can just let it roll off). It just really irked me! SO unkind...

* Yesterday was an emotional day after hearing about my friend's father. I had planned on a shorter run that night, but not knowing what the week entails (with funeral arrangements) I wanted to go ahead and get my Jelly Bean 5k finished. My time was 40:07 which is not my best, but I caught myself drifting off in thought during parts of the running...just so many thoughts swirling...and memories of my own Dad. After the run, I felt better than I had all day! Isn't is great how a nice run can do that for you?

* I am hoping to conquer the Muscles class this evening if everything goes as plan...wish me luck! (I'll need it!!)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Fever Challenge- Week 2 !

This week's positive picture...

This week's positive picture is from my childhood. I think I am about 4 years-old celebrating Easter at my Grandmother's house.  My Grandmother always had her house decorated for the different holidays. At Easter, she always decorated her table with beautiful marble eggs, and made coconut cake. She cooked a big meal, but I would hurry though lunch and be ready for my Granddaddy to hide our Easter eggs.

Question Time!
1. What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?*Weekly Question
Goal 1- Face and Floss- Got the face done everyday...and flossed everyday except Saturday and Sunday nights. ( I must do better with this while we are traveling!) 
Goal 2- 150 feet miles- I am at 26.25  
Goal 3- Fitness Class -Had a blast with spinning class on Tuesday...I think I will attempt the Muscle class again this week.  
Goal 4- Fitness Adventures with Humphrey- Didn't happen this has been to rainy and yucky out...the weekend was nice, but we were out of town. 
Goal 5- Vitamins and Supplements- Missed one day!
Goal 6- Strength Training- Got in 2/3.

2.  What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?  Bubble Bath and Mud Mask :) I am not a bubble bath type of girl... I am more of a quick shower person. But it was nice and relaxing...and I enjoyed the "me" time!!

3.  Are your SFC goals your ultimate goals or steps to your ultimate goals?  Do you find it easier to set big goals or do you like making mini-goals?  My ultimate goal is to live a healthy life...Mind, Body, and Spirit. My SFC goals are things I can do everyday to help achieve that ultimate goal.

4. What are some of your ultimate goals, things on your bucket list?  
My bucket list had completing a 5k on it...and I DID that for the first time last year! Now I was to  complete a half marathon! ONE DAY!!!!  I would also love to take my husband to see a Florida Marlins game in Miami...he would love that and I would love experiencing his joy. I have always wanted to visit all the states in the US. 

5.  Fun Question: If you could achieve only one more thing in your life, what would it be? I hope I achieve many, many more things in my lifetime...if I only had one more achievement I would hope it would be that when people remembered me...they smiled.

30 Day Challenge Update- COMPLETE!

Saturday morning I completed my 30 Day Challenge! I started the challenge on March 1...Ran for 13 Days and got sick. Then Started with Day 1 on March 18 and finished my 30 Days on April 16!!!
Thanks for all the support you guys have shown and a Very Special Thank you to Shannon for being an awesome accountability partner in this challenge!!!
Yesterday was my first "rest" Day in 30 days and it felt wonderful. But today I am hitting the treadmill again :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Hug for the Hungry Runner Girl :)

This is a virtual hug for Janae over at The Hungry Runner Girl. If you aren't familiar with her blog check her out. She is awesome!! She found out about this week about a femoral stress fracture and won't be able to run awesome goals she has been training soooo hard for since I started reading her blog.

Feel better Janae!! And have fun on your girl's trip!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Things Thurday...the "S" Edition

1. Spinning!   Tuesday night I did a 35 minute spinning class. Spinning is a great workout for me. I was soaked with Sweat and exhausted when the class ended. Before class, I ran 1.25 mile. My plan was to walk .75 as a nice cool down after the spinning class, but it was getting late, I was tired, and ready to get home. I made up the mileage yesterday.

2. Socks! I forgot to pack my socks with my gym clothes today. Grrr! I hate when I do this. I usually try to keep an extra bag of gym clothes and old running shoes for when I forget something at home, but I took it out this weekend when we packed the car for our trip. After work I will run and buy some socks (but not my wonderful running socks) and then head to the gym for a nice 3 mile run.

3. Swimming! We are heading out of town again this weekend for baseball. (Then we will be off for 2 weekends.) Last weekend I was so disappointed that the hotel pool was not opened yet. This weekend's hotel has an indoor pool! I AM READY TO SWIM! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 Day Challenge Update

Yesterday was  day 25 of my 30 Day Challenge! I am so glad I made this challenge for myself, because I really believe it has helped my running. Unless something happens, I should finish the challenge on Saturday before we hit the road for another baseball game! I think I will add back one run "rest day" a week after I finish the challenge, but try to gradually increase total weekly mileage.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Fever Challenge- Week 1 !

My positive picture of the week...
I have always had a massive fear of climbing over the monkey bars. Last Sunday I conquered that fear and did it! I was terrified as obvious by the picture my hubby snapped from underneath, but I did it! :)

This Week's Questions:
  1. {This will be a weekly question} What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?                                     Goal 1- Face and Floss- Got the face done everyday...and flossed everyday except Saturday night...I forgot to pack it for the trip. Goal 2- 150 feet miles- Got in 13 including my 5k Saturday morning. Goal 3- Fitness Class - Attempted and failed..I will get it this week. Goal 4- Fitness Adventures with Humphrey- We had a blast at Lexington Park. Goal 5- Vitamins and Supplements- Everyday! Goal 6- Strength Training- Got in 2/3.    
  2. {This will also be a weekly question} What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself? I painted my nails! Simple but something I don't always take time to do.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  3. Is your mindset future-oriented or living in the now? How does this impact you when you are working towards a goal?  I think I am a more live in the moment type of person...when I set long term goals I am more focused on what needs to be done today than the bigger goal. 
  4. Is there someone in your {real} life that inspires you to strive for the best?  I think Tommy makes me strive for my best in my everyday life...but I don't really have one in terms of fitness or weight loss. 
  5. Fun Question of the Week: Do you read blogs on the individual websites or via Google Reader? I use blogger dashboard. I love seeing each blog's background :) It adds personality! :)                                                                    

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Little Red School House 5k

The Little Red School House 5k is a race I really wanted to do. The proceeds from the race go to buy school supplies for children of need in our county schools. However, Tommy and I were heading to Nashville early Saturday morning and I was worried about running us late..or having sore legs while making the 2+hour drive. Tommy said to run it if I wanted to, but I honestly wasn't sure if I would do it until I work up Saturday morning. 
I woke up early and debated doing the run for about 30 minutes. I am so glad I decided to run. I headed over to the run (about 30 minutes from my house). This was the first race I have done without Tommy going to cheer me on...and hold my stuff. I laced my car key into my shoes,and that worked great. I got registered, and picked up my swag bag (or lack there only had a shirt and bottle of water). Threw them in the car...and headed to take a look at the race route. I am not very familiar with the community,and always have a fear of getting lost on the race course. Then it was time to line up. The first mile felt a bit long, but my time was right at 12minutes. The second mile felt really fast and I hit it about 25 minutes...the last mile was the was sooo hot (compared to the temps I have been running in, when I crossed the finish line the temp was 86 degrees.) I crossed the finish line at 39:08 a PB for an official 5k :) I was thrilled!!! And glad I decided to run the race. I paced the first 2.5 miles with another runner,and then pulled ahead of her at the end when she started taking extra walk breaks. After the race,I went over and introduced myself. She lives about an hour away, but we exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch  about future races. I didn't stay for awards, because I needed to get home and shower again before we hit the road.
We have had a great time in Nashville. Running on the hotel treadmill (old and shaky) this morning was a bit of a challenge..but I got in my 1 mile for the 30 Day Challenge :) We are going to do some outlet shopping today and hit another game this afternoon. I am also hoping to hit up the Trader Joe's before we head home tonight :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Fail...

Last night my gym plan was to run a casual 1.5 miles and then do a Muscles class after.  The run went great...actually it was a bit faster than a casual run...and I headed to the class. The class was an epic FAIL! About the third move I started feeling woozy...and decided it was best if I left early. When I got to my car I felt completely defeated! I think I made the right decision to leave early because I honestly feel I would have passed out if I had kept going. My food was good for the day, so I couldn't explain the wooziness on lack of calories.
Then I got home and had dinner...AND THEN...I scarfed down a bag of micro popcorn with chocolate chips mixed in! :(   I tried to convince myself that I was really hungry, but I think it was feeling defeated about the class...and resulted in mindless eating. All in all, I wasn't way over in calories for the day, but I am aggravated that I turned to food because of emotions and not hunger.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three Things Thursday...

Yay! It is Thursday...almost the weekend again!

1. Yesterday I hit another PR. This time it was for 1 mile! The time is on my side bard.  I am excited to be getting a bit faster (still slow, but faster!).

2. Yesterday, I took Humphrey for this week's "Fitness Adventure" for the Spring Challenge. We had a blast. I was hoping we would get in a full mile, but after about half a mile he just wanted to play in the grass. He was all smiles and fell asleep in the car on the way home :) 

3. Saturday Tommy and I are heading to Nashville for a baseball game. For any new followers, Tommy and I follow a minor league baseball team during the summer. It is our little thing, and we have so much fun! If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would be spending most spring and summer weekends in different cities watching baseball, I would have thought they were crazy, but I really enjoy it. It is fun to watch the boys progress in the sport too!...and this year we have several playing in the majors. It is fun watching guys you joked around with the year before hitting in the big league on TV :) 

***I found out there is a 5k in the town over this Saturday. I am contemplating running it before we head out of town. Just can't make up my mind. I have one scheduled on April 30, so I may skip this one... I don't want to run us late for getting out of town. Plus, I am not sure about running and then getting in the car for a two hour trip...a little worried about sore legs.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Closer to my Goal!

Last night I ran two miles in 24:54!
This is my best 2 mile time. I am moving closer and closer to my 2 miles in 24 minutes goal! WooHoo! 
Today I am going to try to beat my one mile PR! A quick run this morning on my early lunch break...then I will be on the road all afternoon. Hopefully this evening I can get in a little walk...or maybe take Humphrey for his weekly adventure :)

Happy Hump Day :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yummy Yummy in my Tummy - Justin's Nut Butter

Have you guys tried Justin's Nut Butter? I have to admit...I AM IN LOVE! You can buy Justin's Nut Butter in jars, but I LOVE the single packs. They are perfect for in the car after a hard workout! And they help me with controlling portions, because I have a hard time stopping at 2 tablespoons when it come to nut butters :)
He has several different flavors to try. My favorites are the Honey Peanut butter and  Chocolate Hazelnut. 
I also love that his nut butters are all natural while keeping their awesome flavors! Some other all natural/organic nut butters have tasted bland.  His are Yummy Yummy in my Tummy! :)  I have found his products at Whole Foods and Kroger. Unfortunately, I have neither where I live, so when we are away on day trips I stock up!!! :)  Have you guys tried Justin's Nut Butters? Which flavors are your favorite!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Fever Challenge

It is here! It is here! We are moving past Winter and heading into SPRING! :) I am very excited about the Spring Fever Challenge!

My motivational picture of the week....
This is one of my favorite pictures...It symbolizes Spring Time and Fun!

This Week's Questions:
one. What are your goals for the Spring Fever Challenge? 
two. Why did you choose them?  
three. What is your plan of action to make them happen?
Goal One:
"Face and Floss" - I am a soap and water kind or girl, but I am at the age (or passed the age) when I really need to start taking better care of my skin. My goal is to use a good cleanser to wash my face and put on sunscreen EVERYDAY! Also, I need to get into daily flossing again...I have gotten too lazy with this and need to make it a DAILY thing, not a couple of times a week.  I am going to make a calendar for my bathroom vanity and check off each day when I do these to tasks! 
Goal Two: 
"150 Feet miles :)"
This is a goal carried over from the WWW Challenge. I didn't complete this goal last time, but I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN this time! I am splitting this into smaller goals of 50 miles per month. I will do it! 
Goal Three:
" A Fitness Class a Week"
I don't want my mileage goal to be my only classes are a good way to mix it up. I will achieve this my scheduling Monday for my fitness class...and then do it! :)
Goal Four:
"Fitness Adventures with Humphrey"
I wanted this to be a Family walk each week, but I couldn't get Tommy completely on board.  I will keep working on him. Until then, Humprhey (my pup) and I will head out for fitness adventures (to different parks) each week. I think this is going to be so much fun! 


Goal Five:
"Vitamins and supplements"
When I started taking my thyroid medicine a couple of months ago, I got out of the habit of taking all of my vitamins and supplements. I have always taken them with breakfast, but with the thyroid meds I have to wait four hours...and I sometimes forget to pack them with my lunch. Making this a goal will give me the incentive to do this daily. And hopefully it will be a solid habit by the end of the challenge.  This will be listed on my face and floss calendar so that it is marked off each day.
Goal Six:
"Strength Training 3 Days a Week"
Simply put, I don't like strength training, but having it as a goal will keep me doing it. My plan is two days of upper body, one day of lower body. UGH! :)

four. What does this challenge mean to you?
A new challenge always excited me and keeps pushing me forward in the journey.

five. Fun Question of the Week: 
Let's  get to know each other! What is something most people (er... fellow bloggers) don't know about you?
Spring is my favorite season :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge Update

This morning I completed day 15 of my Challenge to Run 1 mile every day for 30 Days. I am half way finished with this is all down hill from here. Of course, something could come up to cause me to have to skip a day again...and have to start over with Day 1, but I am very hopeful to make it to 30 Days this time!
You might remember that I started this challenge on March 1. I was able to complete 12 days, but then took a few days off because of a sinus infection that the doctor was concerned could turn to pneumonia. But I am proud to say that in March I ran 26 days :) and over 60 miles :) That is exciting :)

Winner Winner...

Just a quick post to announce the winner of my giveaway!

Drum roll please...........Mary from a small loss.

Mary please email me with your mailing address when you get a chance & remember to pass this "traveling book" on via your blog when you finish it :)

I'll be back later today with a post about my 30 day challenge! :)
Happy Friday Y'all!