Monday, September 29, 2014

WI 9/26

I am late getting this info up. I don't know why I didn't take the few minutes to get this posted, but I didn't. And just let the weekend become a free for all.

Starting WW weight- 215
Lowest WW Weight- 182.8
Last Week's Weight-182.8
This week's WI- 182.8
This Week's Change:0
Change from Lowest WW weight-- 0
Total Change- - 32.2

I stayed the same this week. I wish I was posting this on Friday afternoon and knew I had a clean slate for the week to make improvements, but the weekend was a disaster food wise. And it will probably take me the entire week to make up for over indulgent weekend. I am not sure what sparked this, but it happened. I am back on track now and for that I am thankful!

I also haven't posted yet about my 5 mile race I participated in on September 20. I need to get that up and celebrate that accomplishment rather than beating myself up mentally about the weekend.

Friday, September 19, 2014

WI - 9/19

Friday's are my WW WI, so I am going to try to post the WI here to keep me accountable.

Starting WW weight- 215
Lowest WW Weight- 183.4
Last Week's Weight-184
This week's WI- 182.8
This Week's Change:1.2
Change from Lowest WW weight--.6
Total Change- - 32.2

This was a good week in every every except exercise.
I paper tracked all week and this worked for me. I don't have a smart phone, and sometimes it is hard to get on the computer after a meal, so I decided to hit the pen and paper this week. I am following the Simple Filling plan, so I only have to count points on "indulgences." When I had an indulgence, I wrote it down and then went online to track the points at the end of the day and kept a tally of how many "indulgence points" I used on my paper tracker.

Exercise was very lacking this week, and I have to kick it up a gear. Exercise included my trail run on Saturday and then a few laps of walking at work. MUST DO BETTER. At the same time, this is a busy time for me, so I think realistically I can do 4 days of a good workout and use the other three days to really rest (or get all the other things in my life accomplished). So that is what I am going to shoot for this week. Three runs and one additional workout.

Monday, September 15, 2014

10K training

What is your favorite 10K training plan? Thinking about giving it a try!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My First Trail Run

Today I participated in my first trail run. During 2014, I have been participating in a Racing Grand Prix in a small town about an hour from my home. I have enjoyed participating in the Grand Prix because it has taken me out of my 5k comfort zone, and required me to participate in a variety of races. Today the Grand Prix run was Run for Ella 5k Trail Run.

This run was a BEAST!! And I LOVED it. I wouldn't want to run trail runs on a regular basis, because I am just too clumsy for that, but this race was a ton of fun. Because of the stress of the week, and my lack of running during the week (and lack of trail training) my only goal was to finish and have fun. About half way into the run I was praying for some flat trails, the hills were KILLER, but that didn't happen until the last tenth of a mile. I honestly don't know what I was expecting this run to be. I guess I was thinking more of a  scenic little muddy path in the woods, but this BEAST was constant hills, rocks, and roots. At one point, I had to use a tree branch to pull myself up a steep hill. It has been drizzly most of the morning so it was a bit muddy and slippery. We also had a temp drop today of about 20 degrees (so thankful).

The official results haven't been posted yet, but I think it took me about 50 minutes to complete it and I was stoked with that because of the difficulty. Most of all, I am just proud of myself for getting up (at 4:30) and getting this run DONE. I have three more runs left in the Grand Prix including a 5 miler next week. I am ready to knock it out!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

And then Life happened...

I spent last Friday night with my Mom in the ER. Earlier in the week, she thought she had a stomach virus, but had been feeling better. When I saw her earlier in the day on Friday, she said her side was hurting, but assumed that she pulled something from so much heaving. Friday night she called about 10:30 saying she was hurting and needed me to take her to the ER. We arrived at the hospital at 11:15 and had the pleasure of an all-nighter in the ER. And that, my friends, is when all (diet and exercise) went out the window. During our time at the hospital they determined that she had a stone embedded in her kidney and a very severe infection.  She was released at 6:30AM and I took her home with me, but not before stopping at Starbucks for a drink. I was exhausted so I felt I NEEDED this. I did order a small with skim milk and no whip, but with that first sip, it was over. After getting her settled at my house, I went back to  town to the pharmacy where I was supposed to be picking up antibiotic, nausea meds, and pain meds, but the hospital had over sent over the script for antibiotics. I spent two hours on the phone at the pharmacy with the hospital and finally had some pain meds. When I got back to my house, Mom was so very sick. And then I cooked a late lunch/early dinner and ate and ate and ate. Fast forward to Monday when Mom was even worse than Friday night and we called her doctor. He wasn't in the office because of a death in his family and his nurse advised us to head back to the ER. This time she was admitted. After she got settled into her hospital room, my husband got off work and came to the hospital while I went into work. I got home at 9PM that night with take out Mexican. Out other dinners through the week included spaghetti which I cooked using white noodles instead of wheat, Pizza, and some other form of take out that I can't even remember. It has been late when I have came home every night and I threw the idea of any exercise out because I was so tired.

Mom was releases last night, and she is back at my house. I skipped my WI this morning, because I just couldn't face the number that would be staring back at me. But today I am putting an end to this free for all. Back on track!! I am signed up for my very first trail run in the morning (about an hour away), and my Mom and Tommy are telling me to go. It won't be pretty after a week of trash food and no workouts, but I am going.

This week I was full of excuses as to why I wasn't following my plan. But that is what they were excuses. I could have done better. I should have done better. But now I am moving on.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Weigh In 9/5

Friday's are my WW WI, so I am going to try to post the WI here to keep me accountable.

Starting WW weight- 215
Lowest WW Weight- 183.4
Last Week's Weight- (I missed my meeting last week.)
This week's WI- 184
Change from Lowest WW weight- +.6
Total Change- - 31

I missed my WW meeting last week. It was the first one I have missed since joining in March, but I had taken the day off and hated to drive to town for my meeting. I weighed at home last week I weighed 184 on my home scale.  I had a great week, so I can't be upset with this gain. I tracked and worked out. So I am going to just go with it, and hope for next week to be better.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mid Week Goals Check

This week, I set up a few goals for myself. I thought today would be a perfect time in the week to check in on those goals.

This Week-
Reread my SF paperwork (DONE- Sunday)

Track Daily(Yep!)
One lap around the library every work day (Off Monday because of the holiday, but did 3 laps yesterday!)
Only water and tea (Yep!)
30 minutes of intentional movement daily (Yep! One day on the stationary bike, two days outside hitting the pavement!)

I tell ya, last night I did  not want to go for a run! It has been a wild day at work because it was my first day back to programming (I am a children's librarian in a public library.). And I kicked it off with three programs! I was pooped. And I had to stop at the grocery on the way home! It was 6:30 when I made it home, so I immediately put on my workout clothes. I knew if I sat down, it would all be over with. I thought about just doing the stationary bike, but really, I would much rather be outside. I ran a mile and a quarter, and then walked back :)

So far all of my goals are on track!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome September

Happy September 1!  In Alabama, it is still HOT HOT HOT and HUMID, but with the beginning of September, I know that Fall and cooler temps are just around the corner. I am excited about cooler weather, but sad to see the days get shorter again. It definitely makes it harder for me to get in runs at night. I did purchase a flashing waist light today at Target and an LED bracelet at the dollar store. So I will still be able to get a few runs in during my early evenings home from work which will soon before few and far between.

Tonight's workout was a sweaty two miles. Sweaty and itchy because I forgot to spray down with bug spray!