Monday, November 18, 2013

After an Injury

Remember 8 weeks ago when I posted about my fractured foot. I must have fractured my mind-set too, because I threw everything out the window.  A week after the injury I hopped on my exercise bike and it was a disaster! So what did I do? Stay vigilant with my food choices until I was released for exercise? Heck no! I ate everything is sight for six weeks.

I was released for physical activity two weeks ago. I have steadily gotten back into working out during the past two weeks, and tonight I ran for the first time since the injury. It wasn't pretty, but I got out there and did it. And for that I am proud of myself.

My plan is to get in 5 days of exercise during the week and work my way into a better diet. I CANNOT go into the holidays with a food free for all mind set.