Monday, October 5, 2015


Last Monday I was back. I had a plan. I had goals. Monday night I was up all night again with dry heaves. On Tuesday morning, I was back at my doctor's office. They did more tests and some X-rays and she decided that she wasn't convinced that it was the (non-moving) kidney stone that was causing me issues and advised me to see a GI specialist ASAP. On Thursday morning I was in the GI's office and we were scheduling an upper and lower GI to be done this Thursday.

The GI suggested several things that could be going on and said she wasn't convinced that it was NOT the kidney stone causing pain, but wanted to rule out/address any GI issues that I have.

I didn't make any of my goals. I did drink water everyday, but not a gallon. I already felt so much bloating and didn't want to add to it, so I drank 64 oz. each day. I didn't get much exercise. Actually, I didn't move around much at all on Tuesday or Wednesday (other than going to appointments). I took off work again and rested.

Yesterday, I felt better so I did a deep clean in my kitchen and some work in my living room. This definitely counts as "something for myself." A clean home just makes me feel better. I have felt so terrible during the last month that I honestly did just enough housework to get by, but last night I felt "relaxed" after getting some things back in order.

This week's goals.

Be gentle with myself.

Yes, that is it. I don't know what this week holds. I am working Today and tomorrow and a half day on Wednesday. At the hospital all day Thursday for tests and not sure what Friday will hold for us.

Monday, September 28, 2015

I am Great at Making Excuses.

My last post was in May. I felt on top of the world with my running and diet. Two weeks later I had the best run of my life. It was a Saturday morning training run and when I finished I was pumping my arms in celebration in the driveway. When I opened the door, Tommy commented that it must have been a great run. I showered and went to meet my Mom and Grandmom for our weekly (when I didn't have a race) coffee date. When I stood for us to leave I felt a twinge in my knee. The next day I was hobbling and the next week I was doing PT. The 10miler that I had been training for was OUT. And so I stopped exercising and started eating. Summer work stress began and I ate more. When I was released to run again, I went out once but it was JULY in ALABAMA and it was HOT. So I ate some more. When my summer stress ended I thought I could get back into a routine, but guess what...there was some other excuse (I don't even remember what it was at this point.) Two weeks ago I started giving myself daily goals and meeting them! Then last week I ended up in the ER with a kidney stone and guess what... I ate (even though I was nauseous!)

But I am DONE! I am going to stop making excuses and JUST DO IT ALREADY!

Let's be honest, I probably won't blog a ton (even though I read...always), but I will be here twice a week! And if you don't see me, give me a holler because I am probably somewhere making an excuse!

This week my goals are...
Drink one gallon of water Mon-Fri
Drink at least 64oz of water Sat & Sun
Exercise for at least 30 mins 3 days
Log food at least 4 days
Do something for myself

I will be back on Friday with a WI and then next Monday with an update on how these goals went this week and new goals for next week.

I am struggling guys and need some support!

**A HUGE thank you to Amy at Dream Big and Do It for telling me to BLOG. It does help!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On the Road Again

The last two weeks have been fun with races!
The first weekend in May I participated in the Kiwanis River Run 7k. It was my second run in this year's Run Lincoln County Grand Prix. This is my second year to participate in the Grand Prix and my second year running this course. It is an absolutely breathtaking course that takes place on a private horse farm.
Last year my goal for this race was to finish in under an hour and I succeeded by just a few seconds. This year my goal was to beat last year's time.
I was stoked to take off over four minutes!!! WOO HOO!

Last weekend, I participated in a local race that supports Camp Smile-a-Mile, a camp for children with cancer! This is my favorite local race.  This year I even talked Hubby into participating in the Fun Mile Walk.
The run starts at the local high school and winds through the neighborhoods surrounding the school. There are a few tough hills and it always seems like this is the first race to smack us down with Alabama heat and humidity.

 I had never finished this course in less than 41minutes, so my goal was to hit the finish line in under 40. I finished up at 39:35, and then walked the fun mile with Tommy. It was a fun morning.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Keep Pushing Forward

I am still here. Reading your blogs even though I don't post much myself. This picture is from my last race two weeks ago. Nothing but HILLS! Definitely the roughest road 5k I have ever ran. This weekend is a 7k. I ran it last year, so I am looking forward to seeing if I can improve my time. Still at Weight Watchers. Scale is slow to move since I started training for my 10mile run in June. Hope everyone is doing great! We just have to keep pushing forward!