Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly WI and Workout summary

Today's Weight:No Weigh-In- 195.5
Last Week's Weight: 193.5 Change:+2
Previous Low Weight: 190

Weight Refection: 
I am up this week. It is a result of too much food and not enough exercise.

Workout Summary:
Sunday: 30 minutes
30 minutes walk/hike

Monday: Total 30 minutes
30m treadmill run

Tuesday: Total 0 minutes
Wednesday: Total 0 minutes
Thursday 0 minutes

Friday: 0 minutes

Saturday: Total 0 minutes
Weekly Total:  (60 mins)

There was some exercise this week, but it didn't fit into the challenge requirements. Mostly walking with friends that wasn't fast enough to get my HR up. This was a busy week. I knew going in that it would be wild, and I should have made a better effort to get to the gym in the mornings. But now it is time to move on...this is a new week...that will include better eating and more exercise.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FMFF Challenge Results!

BH-570 minutes! That is 9.5 hours! I think this is the most minutes anyone has had in this challenge!

Jess- 425 (that's me)

 Deb-408 minutes!  Great job as usual!

Joy-  270 minutes!Way to go Joy!

Tops Lady- 246 minutes!!  Keep up the great work!

Rusti- Looking forward to seeing your minutes next week!

If I forgot anyone this week, I am sorry! Just send me an email and I will add your totals! Great job ladies!

And I think a few of you have earned this, too!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Weigh In and Workout Summary

Today's Weight:No Weigh-In
Last Week's Weight: 193.5 Change:0
Previous Low Weight: 190

Weight Refection: 
Tommy and I went on a little day trip today and I was in a bit of a rush this morning and didn't weigh (this is also the reason I am posting so late.) 

Workout Summary:
Sunday: 30 minutes
30 minutes walk/hike

Monday: Total 90 minutes
  75 minutes Zumba
15 minutes walk

Tuesday: Total 90 minutes
  30minute treadmill
  60 minutes Zumba
Wednesday: Total 50 minutes
50 minutes - treadmill (Cupcake classic + cool down)
Thursday: Rest - Tommy and I won tickets to see the re-release of Ghost Busters. This is one Tommy's favorite movies (I had not seen it!). Life Happens :) Zumba can wait :) and we had a blast! :)

Friday: REST

Saturday: Total 165 minutes
3 hour Zumba-thon to support breast cancer awareness!n  We took 3 5 minute breaks! This was awesome...I could barely move that night! haha! And I had awful blisters. I would do it again in a heart beat! :)

Weekly Total:  (425 mins)

 Work Out Reflection
Great week with the Cupcake Classic and Zumbathon :)

Work Out Goals for This Week:
5 workouts of at least 30 minutes....Wild week at the library and I will miss both Tuesday and Thursday Zumba classes :( I will need to get in some morning workouts to keep up my totals.

*If you are taking part in the Friends Make Fitness Fun Challenge this week, be sure to comment on my blog so I won't miss you :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I am going to miss my next 3 regular Zumba classes! BOO!!! Work next week will be insane, but I am hoping to make it to the gym even if it is before/after zumba.  But I do plan to do a 3 hour Zumba-thon on Saturday :)  I am really excited about it! Have any of you done a Zumba-thon? Any suggestions...I think I will definitely take both water and juice for a pick me up!

2. I didn't get any info back on the water zumba class that I was hoping to take Monday while I was off work, but I did visit a new Zumba studio and got in a great workout! The next day, that Studio was our local deal of the day, so I bought a 5 class pass for $12...can't beat it!

3.  Yesterday, I really enjoyed the cupcake after the Cupcake Classic Virtual 5k! I am so glad that I decided to go purchase one cupcake instead of baking a pan at home....I think I would have devoured the whole pan post run :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Cupcake Classic

Today I participated in the Cupcake Classic to celebrate Jess's 37th birthday. The premise of the virtual race was 3.7 miles and then celebrate with a cupcake. I looked forward to this run all day.  I was a bit nervous about it because my knee has been acting a bit wonky lately, but I figured if it started to bother me too much I could finish the race by walking. As soon as I got off work I stopped my the local cupcake shop.
This was my second time to visit the cupcake shop, but my first time to buy a cupcake.  There were so many yummy cupcakes to choose from.
I chose a pink champagne cupcake...because it was so cute.
After picking out my cupcake I drove over to the gym. I had originally planned to run the Cupcake Classic outside, but it was soo cold today and raining a bit, and I didn't have the proper attire. This is my before picture.

The run went great...I was able to stay between 4.3 - 5.5 the entire time. I also almost broke my 2 mile PR (this has really inspired me to start working towards this goal again). I finished the 3.7 mile in 45:28 and was super stoked with this time.

This picture is gross! LOL I couldn't wait to get back to my car and eat my cupcake!!
And it was delicious!!! Thanks so much to Jess for organizing this super fun run!! I hope you have an amazing Birthday!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FMFF Results!

Deb-485 minutes! Girl you are a machine!!! You are rocking all of your challenges and I am soo proud of you!!!  (Be sure to gran the graphic up top for your blog!!!)

Tops Lady-388 minutes!!  Tops you are doing great!!! Did you realize you worked our over 3 hrs more than the week before?!! I have to brag a minute on Tops! She also just completed a 119 day fast from soda, fast food, and dessert! So, so proud of you!!!

Jess- 238 (that's me)

BH-230 minutes! BH's son had surgery this week...and she still managed some great workouts!! Way to go!

Joy-  223 minutes!  I have said it before and I will say it again! I love this lady! What a great friend and motivator! Joy is still dealing with injuries and she has a series on her blog right now about dealing with injuries and staying focused!

Rusti 60 minutes!  Every bit of exercise counts and Rusti is getting it in when she can and that is awesome! Keep going Rusti!

So proud of all of you!!! Let's do even more next week!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly Weigh In and Workout Summary

Today's Weight: 193.5
Last Week's Weight: 193.5 Change:0
Previous Low Weight: 190

Weight Refection: 
The same.

Workout Summary:
Sunday: 20 minutes
20 minutes jogging/walking

Monday: Total 48 minutes
  30 minutes treadmill
18 minutes cycling

Tuesday: Total 60 minutes  (worked late- didn't get long workout)
15 minute treadmill
45 minutes Zumba
Wednesday: Total 20 minutes
20 minutes jog + escape of the jogging pup
Thursday: 90 mins
 10 cycling
20 mins Treadmill
60 min Zumba class 

Friday: REST

Saturday: REST

Weekly Total:  (238 mins)

 Work Out Reflection
Tuesday I had to work late so I missed my long workout...but still got it a good workout that night instead of going straight home after work.  Thursday night during Zumba my knee started bothering me. It felt a bit off during my run that night, so I decided to take two rest days. It is feeling much better today so I am hoping to get in a great workout this afternoon.

Work Out Goals for This Week:
I have two later nights at the library this week so my goal is to get to the gym on those days for a workout. On days I work late, it is so easy to just want to go home!

*If you are taking part in the Friends Make Fitness Fun Challenge this week, be sure to comment on my blog so I won't miss you :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Last night I planned to run outside by myself. Humphrey, however, had other plans and broke through his outdoor barrier to join me on my run! And then ran right past leash of course since I didn't plan on him joining the run. Scared me to death when he ran into traffic. I guess he was trying to tell me that he needs to go on more runs! (His current leash rubs a blister on my hand when I run with him. no problems on they make specific running leashes?) I finally caught him and walked him back home. By that time my heart was pounding from being scared and my nice long run ended up being a short one mile (for the challenge)...and it was awful...couldn't get my breathing right.
Speaking of Humphrey....he is going to be a a bumble bee for Halloween!
How do I look Mom?

Yeah...I make a pretty cute bumblebee!

2.  When I leave work this afternoon I will begin an awesome 4-day weekend! I am excited! Hoping to catch a water zumba class on Monday morning. Nothing else really planned...which I love!

3.  Remember the contest I mentioned last week. On I WON!!! Super excited!! The prize money will definitely help out with Christmas! Or rather the end of the year taxes, home owners insurance, car insurance...I just hate how it all hits at once! I mean, I know it is coming...but I am never prepared!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Sometimes when the scale stalls, it is easy to forget all the progress you have made. During the past two years, I have only lost about 10 pounds...and they were hard earned! But I can't forget my total progress. Of course I want to keep moving forward. I will keep moving forward...even if the progress is is happening!
2008 - I remember thinking this was a great picture!
This summer- I wasn't thrilled when I saw this picture the first time.

Even though the scale hasn't changed much, I do notice changes in my body. I am stronger and my endurance improves everyday!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10

Can you believe we are on our 10th day of this challenge? CRAZY!  I wasn't sure when Big Clyde would get a chance to post today, so I wanted to make your Day 10 Badge available to all of you working so hard! Keep up the great work. We are 1/3 of the way there! Your next badge will be at day 15!  Last night, I had the best run. The weather was perfect...and it just felt so good to be alive and moving...putting one foot in front of the other!

I am going to head out of work a bit early today. My first stop will be the gym (I think I will run to Alanis tonight) and then I need to do my weekly grocery shopping. I know there are many people that like grocery shopping, but not me. I used to like it better, but money is soo tight right now. I don't get to pick new things to try...just keep to the essentials. But things will get better...and I know they could be worse.

Have a good week y'all!

FMFF Results!!

BH- 470  minutes! WOW! That's all I have to say about that!!! (Be sure to grab the graphic for your blog!!)

Deb- 401 minutes! Deb also mowed her yard for another great workout that doesn't count for this challenge, but definitely counts toward burning those calories!! And I have to brag of Deb and bit and say that she is killing it with all the challenges she is involved in currently! Way to go Deb!!!

Amy-  390 minutes!Awesome job Amy! Glad you are back with us this week!

Jess (that's me)- 367 minutes

 Tops Lady- 173 minutes! And she had sick kiddos all last week! Hope they are feeling better!

Joy-  I haven't heard from Joy in a couple of days, so I am going to assume she is having computer problems again...but I am sure she is staying focused with her goals!

Rusti- Haven't heard from Rusti yet...leave me a comment and I will add your minutes!

We had over 30 hours of workouts this week ladies! That is awesome!!

If you are new to my blog and want to take part in this little challenge next week just send me a comment! The more the merrier!
Here is how to play :)
Basically our challenge is to keep a record of our exercise during the week (Sunday-Saturday). Then on the following Sunday we share how many minutes of exercise we did...and someone wins the week. We specified that exercise included anything you did at the gym, fitness classes,swimming, workout DVDs, and walking/running outside...we are also going to count fitness video games. So walking outside 30 mins counted but walking 30 mins while shopping didn't count. Swimming laps counts, but treading water while watching kids play in the pool didn't count...make sense? We also don't include minutes of housework or yard work in the challenge minutes...but you can let us know you did those things!  It is all about having fun and staying motivated! There are no real prizes, just bragging rights for the week :)
If you have any questions, just ask :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Weigh In and Workout Summary

Today's Weight: 193.5
Last Week's Weight: 195.5 Change:-2
Previous Low Weight: 190

Weight Refection: 
I was up 3lbs last week, and was hoping it was just sodium from the night before's meal. I am down 2lbs today, but still up 1lb overall. I was down all week about the gain, but I know I am doing what needs to be done and the losses will come eventually.

Workout Summary:
Sunday: 30 minutes
30 minutes jogging/walking

Monday: Total 30 minutes
17 minutes treadmill
13 minutes cycling

Tuesday: Total 115 minutes
25 minute treadmill
5 minute summit trainer (the beast)
20 minutes cycling
5 minutes stretching
60 minutes Zumba
Wednesday: Total 30 minutes
17 minute treadmill
13 minute cycling
Thursday: 87 mins
  7  mins Summit Trainer
20 mins Treadmill
60 min Zumba class 

Friday: 15 minutes
15 minute Running

Saturday: 60 mins
15 minutes treadmill
45 minutes Zumba

Weekly Total: 6 hrs  7 mins   (367  mins)

 Work Out Reflection
I had a crazy week and work and am very proud of getting in all of my 31 day challenge runs. My reason for doing the challenge was to improve my running, and I can already tell my pace is getting better! This week will also be a bit wild, so I want to be sure to get in all my workouts!

Work Out Goals for This Week:
Run 1 mile each day for the 31 day challenge :) Add on a quarter mile to my runs before I start walking.

*If you are taking part in the Friends Make Fitness Fun Challenge this week, be sure to comment on my blog so I won't miss you :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Tommy was off work yesterday and fixed the hole in the wall of the closet! I was so happy when I came home and saw all of his work. I have a great husband. I almost have the closet back in order and this weekend I can do a big house clean and put out my Halloween decorations! YAY! (And hopefully cut the grass for the last time of the year!)

2.  I was thrilled to see so many 5days complete badges on blogs yesterday! Congrats! Keep going!

3.  This has been a rough week with workouts. Work has been wild, and I have had to cut some workouts shorter than usual, and tomorrow my only hope for getting in a good workout is to get up SUPER EARLY and get to the gym. I will also have to shower and dress for work at the gym which I hate, but it is what it is...and I have to get that workout!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

5 Days in the Books!

Yay! First five days are in the books, and my runs already feel stronger :)

Feeling Down

I am feeling down today. I think part of it is my house is a wreck post plumbing fiasco...hopefully the wall will be repaired (maybe today) and I can get everything back in the closet (jackets, gift wrap, holiday decorations, and purses). Maybe it is because I am BROKE and the holidays are right around the corner. But a big thing today is that I feel discouraged about my weight loss. There are weeks when I read blogs and talk to friends and they have lost more in one week than I have all year. I know I am doing the right things for good health...and I know my fitness levels are improving all the time, but I would love to see the scale move too! I mean, I still have plenty of weight to lose. I have been hoping with each doctor's appointment that something would change...that my levels would work themselves out. At the last appointment, he mentioned that seeing a specialist in Nashville could be a possibility if my symptoms didn't improve. I am still exhausted at the end of the day...but I think that is from my workouts more than anything, and my hair is no longer coming out...or at least not at the rate it had been. So my only real symptom is the weight gain/lack of weight loss. And I wonder if that symptom is really worth the cost of seeing the specialist. I don't think so. I just really wish I could see my efforts in terms of scale change. Really, if I could just lose 1lb a week I would feel better.

I just needed to vent this today.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anytime Health

I know some of you are Any Time Fitness gym members...or some of you may just have an Anytime Health account, but if you do have an account (or want to make is free and has a handy diet tracker) would you PLEASE vote for me in this contest! It ends tonight and I would LOVE to win!!!
And then you guys should enter some of their fun contests, too!

Thanks so much! -Jess

Monday, October 3, 2011

FMFFC Results and a Question for Participants

Weekly totals:

Jess - 327  minutes

BH- 295 minutes! Look at her GO!!! BH also cut the grass with a manual push mower for an additional 50 minutes! Now that is a workout! Whew!

Joy-292 minutes! I am so proud of my "Partner in Crime Good Health". She is coming back from a back injury and Rockin' It!!!

Tops Lady- 196 minutes! This is TL's first week and she did awesome!

Deb- 138 minutes! Way to go Deb!!!

Rusti- 75 minutes! Great job! Rusti increased her total minutes by 30 this week and lost a chunk of weight!

Amy-  Will be back with us next week :) But check out her blog...she is doing awesome!

We did over 22 hours of exercise this week!!! That is awesome!!! 

Great job ladies!!!
Now I have a quick question! When Joy and I first started talking about this challenge we decided that it would run Monday-Saturday and we would turn in totals on Sunday and not count any Sunday time, but I know many of you are doing the 31 Day Challenge, and will be working out on Sundays for this challenge. Do we want to count Sunday Time or stay the way we are currently doing the challenge? It doesn't really matter to me, but I want your imput...and the majority will rule. If we begin to add Sunday workouts, we will add the previous Sunday's workout to the total for the week...meaning the challenge will run Sunday-Saturday and then you will report your result...and workouts done on the day that you report in will be counted the next week...does that make sense? :) haha  Just let me know what you think!

If you are new to my blog and want to participate in this challenge next week, just comment or shoot me an email!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Weigh In and Workout Summary

Today's Weight: 195.5
Last Week's Weight: 192.5 Change:+3
Previous Low Weight: 190

Weight Refection: 
I am up three pounds this week! UGH! I am hoping the gain is from the stress of yesterday. We also ate dinner later (White Chicken Chili) that was pretty high in sodium. Maybe next week will be better. I feel like my food and exercise was good for the week, so I am a bit disappointed with the gain...but I know I am doing the right things.

Workout Summary:

Monday: Total 30 minutes
30 minute strength class 

Tuesday: Total 120 minutes
20 minute summit trainer (the beast)
40 minutes cycling
60 minutes Zumba
Wednesday: Total 45 minutes
 45 minutes Zumba class
Thursday: 90 mins
20 mins Summit Trainer
10 mins Bike
60 min Zumba class 

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Total 42 min Power of Pink 5k
This is actually more because I did some warm up walking/jogging during our starting line wait, but I don't know that time so I will just stick to my race time.

Weekly Total: 5 hrs  27 mins   (327  mins)

 Work Out Reflection
I really enjoyed my workouts this week. Molly joined me for two zumba classes!

Work Out Goals for This Week:
Run 1 mile each day for the 31 day challenge :)

*If you are taking part in the Friends Make Fitness Fun Challenge this week, be sure to comment on my blog so I won't miss you :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What a Day!

Today did not go as planned. And that is an understatement. My plan for the day was to meet up with my friend Angie, run the 5k at 8, grab some post race breakfast for me and Tommy, run to the grocery to pick up ingredients for tonight's dinner with friends, head home and decorate the house for Halloween, and then enjoy the afternoon with Tommy before our company came over.

I got up early this morning to a very grumbly tummy...I think it was just pre-race nerves. I checked my email and found one from Angie with some very upsetting news. She got some devastating personal news last night that left her both physically and emotionally unable to run the race today. I honestly debated just going back to bed instead of going to the race, but decided that since I had already paid the registration, and would need to run at least one mile today anyway for the challenge,  that I should just go ahead and go.

I left my house about ten minutes until 7, and drove to the race location. I wanted to arrive about 30 minutes before the race so that I could get my bib, bag, and shirt, and get them back in the car in plenty of time. Also, since I didn't have anyone at the race with me, I needed to tie my car key into my shoelace. I felt so rushed, but got it done. Then it was time for the line-up. I really didn't have any expectations. It was supposed to be Angie's first race, so we had decided to do run/walk intervals...and even though she wasn't there, that was still my plan (I had not trained enough to actually run the whole race.) After we had been standing at the starting line for about 5 minutes, the race director came over and apologized because they were having some technical difficulties with the race clock and they were going to have to delay the race. The race was actually delayed almost 45 minutes!!! But in the mean time, I met two girls that I hope to continue a running relationship with...YAY! When the race actually started, the wind was terrible!!! I actually have some wind burn on my nose also got really runny...and I developed a bit of a cough. The race seemed really long...and I honestly just didn't enjoy it the way I had enjoyed past races...(maybe it was because I was worried about Angie, or the fact that I didn't have anyone cheering me on, or the wind, not sure.) I finished the race in about 43 minutes. My worst time yet.. There was some discussion post race about the course. Two separate runners were having conversations about their gps saying that the course was actually 3.7 I am not sure. They also weren't able to give about medals because of some other technical difficulties...but I am positive I didn't have a chance of placing anyway, so other than feeling bad for the kids that were hoping for medals that day, I wasn't that worried.

It was almost 11 before I left the race location, so I called Tommy to say I would pick up lunch instead of breakfast. He told me he had just started working on a little DIY project on a leaky faucet in our bathtub. By the time I got home,  the project had turned into a huge fiasco that caused me to have to drive back to town for some parts...our hallway closet was emptied into the floor, there is a hole in the closet wall, and we didn't have water for several hours LOL! Things are fixed now (except for the hole in the wall that will hopefully be fixed Monday...and the closet contents are still in the floor until hole is fixed), but I did get to take a post run shower about 5 hours later. We cancelled our dinner company when we didn't have water...haha.

I am now hoping to relax the rest of the night!  What a day!  :)