Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weigh In

Last week's weight- 200
This week's weight- 200
Change: No Change

I am very happy with this weigh in because my eating has been very rocky this week. On Friday after my early WI, hubby suggested Chinese food for lunch. I agreed, and while I didn't go overboard, I knew the sodium was crazy high. Then on Monday, we had crazy storms most of the day. I had taken the day off work, and had lots of big plans for the day that got scraped with the weather was so bad. The power was off most of the day, and because I had planned to grab groceries that morning I had nothing in the house and ate cheezit's for lunch.. UGH and then because we still had no power, we went to a small diner for dinner and I had a burger. On Wednesday, a Mom at the library brought me a dozen freshly baked Snikerdoodles. I had every intention of just bringing them home for my hubby, but lost all sense and ate TWO cookies on the way home. 
In total, there are 21 meals in a week plus snacks, and I only had three slip ups, but I try to keep my food in better check. 

My workouts were good all week, but on Monday with the storms and lack of power, I skipped my workout for the day (two rest days for the week). 

So all in all, I was very happy to stay the same at this WI. But Next week I plan to kick butt and make it into the 190s :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oops...I forgot.

I forgot to post last week's Week In Review Post. Overall it was a good week. I exercised 6 days including Zumba, a timed run, WATP DVD workouts, and strength.

This week, I am looking for a new training schedule. I am thinking about following Hal Higdon's Novice 10k schedule. Have you guys done this training program? I think I can work it nicely into what I am already doing :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Weigh In- A Day Early

Today I am posting my WI, because I have 99 girl spending the night at the library with me tonight! Tomorrow I may not even remember my name, much less remember to WI :)

Last week's weight- 201.5
This week's weight- 200
Happy about a loss after last week's half pound gain!

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Big Day for the Blog

Hey you guys! It is a big day for my little blog! I finally discovered the reply button! HAHA I am so behind the times :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Change

For the last several weeks, I have been doing 6 miles on Sunday. Today I wanted to change things up a bit. I decided I wanted to challenge myself on the treadmill and do a 5k in under 40mins. And I did it...39:38!! This is by no means super speedy for most, but for me it is awesome! Even though my total for the day was only 3.5 miles, I want to keep my mileage at 10 for the week, so I will have to do some longer runs during the week. Which is good, because my routine was getting a bit stale :)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weigh In- A Gain

Today is Weigh In Day!

Last week's weight- 201
This week's weight- 201.5
A small gain. I knew it was a possibility. Still hard to swallow. First gain in almost 2 months. And I was working towards meeting a ST goal. Next week will be better.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Week In Review

How was food?
Good except Tuesday. Tuesday I stayed home sick from work...and caught myself eating because I was home and not feeling well. This could effect this week's WI.
How was exercise this week?
Saturday- Zumba was cancelled, and my day just got too busy.
Sunday-Bi/Tri + 6 miles
Monday-Exercise Bike
Tuesday-After battling head cold/allergies for weeks, I took a sick day from work. No exercise
Wednesday-  Legs at gym; Bike at home
Thursday- Chest/Shoulders, 1.5 miles with 1 mile of nonstop running
Friday- 2 miles with the dog enjoying the weather

What is on tap for the weekend?
Well, I thought I was running a 5k tomorrow, but when I went to the website for the run, I realised it is actually next week.(I won't be running it be next week because we are doing an overnight at the library for girlscouts. After 23 of 24 hours at the library, I don't think I will be up to a 5k. So this weekend will be Zumba on Saturday and Run on Sunday.

What's New?
I just felt off all week. Partly from being sick and being off work, and then my routine just changed all together. Hoping Next week will be better.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Much Better 6

Last Sunday, I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad run. (Can you tell I am a children's librarian?) Basically I couldn't catch a good groove, I had side pain and hip pain, and I had to make several pit stops to the restroom. I finished the 6, but it took forever (an even longer forever than usual), and I started to let that doubt creep in that I could do the mileage. Then on Tuesday I had 3 scheduled and stopped at 2 because I was miserable. On Thursday I was not feeling well at all, and skipped my run and strength workout all together. Last night, I started to worry. Could I really do the run?
But today was great!! I did the first three mile walking a 1/4 mile and running 3/4 mile. Then I switched to quarter-mile intervals for the last three, but upped my running speed to 4.8 /5.0. And other than a bit of hip pain (it got really tight during the last mile) it was a great run!

I need to remember that just because I have a bad run...or two. That doesn't mean they will all be bad!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week In Review-A Day Late

I usually do my week in review on Friday because it is my rest day, but this week I did a late workout on Friday night, and didn't want to record it until I had finished it.

How was your Food?
Food was ok. I haven't felt good ALL Week. It started with my run on Sunday...and constant trips to the gym restroom. Then I developed the allergy "crud." Stuffy nose, itchy ears, sore throat (the throat was also over used this week because of tons of Read Alouds at schools across the county for Read Across America.)and just feeling blah. AND I started my period this week. On Thursday I basically ate soup for every meal...way too much sodium. And on Wednesday I let PMS get the best of me and I had a handful of M&Ms.

How was exercise this week?
Saturday- Zumba
Sunday-Bi/Tri + 6 miles (Those were 6 HORRIBLE miles dealing with stomach issues.)
Monday-Exercise Bike
Tuesday-Chest, Back, and Shoulders+2 mile run (and again I had stomach issues)
Wednesday-  Rest Day...and it felt good
Thursday- I should have had a run and strength training that day, but I felt terrible and gave myself a pass. Another rest day.
Friday- Neon Night at Zumba...90 minutes of Zumba wearing Neon Colors and black lights. It was fun, but would have been more fun had I felt better.

What is on tap for the weekend?
Because the Zumba event last night, we won't have class this morning. At some point today, I want to get on the exercise bike. Today is going to be crazy. I have to speak at a conference this morning, then I have my cousin's baby's first birthday party, and then we are going to one of Tommy's friend's house tonight. I'm still not feeling great and would have loved to stay around the house all day. Tomorrow I am hoping for a better 6 miles than last week.

What's New?
Well, we won't be going to Birmingham next weekend, so no Fairy Tale Run. Just couldn't justify the gas money. (The person Tommy was meeting with cancelled.) But there is a local 5k next weekend, and if I am feeling better I plan to do it.

WI Day, Slow but Consistent

Today is Weigh In Day!

Last week's weight- 202
This week's weight- 201
Change: -1
Another pound gone!!