Saturday, October 4, 2014

WI 10/4

Starting WW weight- 215
Lowest WW Weight- 182.8
Last Week's Weight-182.8
This week's WI- 180.6
This Week's Change:-2.2
Change from Lowest WW weight-- -2.2
Total Change- - 34.4

This has been a strange week. On Wednesday when I got up, I had three spots on my face. I joked with Tommy that I looked like I a 15 year old with the "pimples" on my face. That afternoon, a coworker asked if I was feeling okay and commented about my face. I went and took a look and had around 20 places on my face, by that evening they were down my neck and on my chest. When I got up the next morning, they were on my arms. I called into work and decided to see the doc in a box near my house because I was sure I couldn't get an appointment with my regular doctor. They told me it looked like an allergic reaction and gave me two steroid shots, a cream, an oral steroid pack, and and oral anti itch. She told me to stay home and rest for a couple of days and if I was not significantly better to stop back in on Saturday. This morning I was back, got another steroid shot and two more prescriptions. UGH.

So the good news is even with all the steroids, and wanting to eat the wallpaper off the walls, I managed to lose 2.2 this week. (I weighed in today after my doctor's appointment, but didn't stay for a meeting since it was with a different leader.)