Monday, January 27, 2014

Vote for Pugsley

 Our little Pugsley is competing in a Pet Photo Contest! I would love for you to vote for him.

Just follow this link to vote for him. For the vote to count, they will email you and you then have to click a link to verify the vote. (Too much clicking around!)

We rescued Pugsley two years ago after our sweet little Humphrey passed away unexpectedly. He was new to the rescue (we used Russell Rescue our of Columbia, TN.) and absolutely pitiful. He was terrified of everything...especially me, and very underweight. Our original plan was to just foster him and help to socialize him, but we were foster failures with him.  Now he is a sweet, happy (though a bit moody, but who is not) dog :)
In his Christmas PJs
Dressed to the 9s