Monday, October 5, 2015


Last Monday I was back. I had a plan. I had goals. Monday night I was up all night again with dry heaves. On Tuesday morning, I was back at my doctor's office. They did more tests and some X-rays and she decided that she wasn't convinced that it was the (non-moving) kidney stone that was causing me issues and advised me to see a GI specialist ASAP. On Thursday morning I was in the GI's office and we were scheduling an upper and lower GI to be done this Thursday.

The GI suggested several things that could be going on and said she wasn't convinced that it was NOT the kidney stone causing pain, but wanted to rule out/address any GI issues that I have.

I didn't make any of my goals. I did drink water everyday, but not a gallon. I already felt so much bloating and didn't want to add to it, so I drank 64 oz. each day. I didn't get much exercise. Actually, I didn't move around much at all on Tuesday or Wednesday (other than going to appointments). I took off work again and rested.

Yesterday, I felt better so I did a deep clean in my kitchen and some work in my living room. This definitely counts as "something for myself." A clean home just makes me feel better. I have felt so terrible during the last month that I honestly did just enough housework to get by, but last night I felt "relaxed" after getting some things back in order.

This week's goals.

Be gentle with myself.

Yes, that is it. I don't know what this week holds. I am working Today and tomorrow and a half day on Wednesday. At the hospital all day Thursday for tests and not sure what Friday will hold for us.


  1. Oh, the uncertainty is nerve wrecking, isn't it? Thinking of you. Jealous of your clean kitchen but not the other stuff!

  2. Take care of yourself...and guess what? those goals will be there waiting for you next week...or the following week when you are feeling good!

  3. Take care of and be gentle with yourself. I am glad you are resting. You will get back on your goals when you're feeling better. Sending you warm thoughts...


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