Monday, March 5, 2012

Good Morning Monday

I was down another half pound this week! YAY! It would have been more, but I am a nervous eater, and that took control Friday during the bad weather. It started with almonds and progressed to tortilla chips..UGH!  Last week, we were actually sent home from work twice because of the threat for severe weather (tornadoes.) We had some pretty bad winds and hail, but no tornadoes in our community. There were tornadoes about an hour from our house. So Scary!  Wednesday I felt more in control...but Friday I was very anxious, and even recognized the fact that I was eating my emotions, but didn't stop.  I just have to keep moving forward.

In my last two posts (sporadic as they may have been) I mentioned that things have been a bit crazy, and I was out of my normal blog posting/reading routine. This little guy is part of the reason why...
Meet Pugsley...formerly known at Pudge.
Pugsley is our sweet foster dog. He came to us on Feb 22 and WOW what a roller coaster. I first have to say that fostering this sweet pup has been one of my hardest and yet rewarding things I have ever done. Our first documentation has him on Death's Row in North Carolina. He he was rescued and moved to Russel Rescue in Columbia, Tn, and now he is being fostered in Alabama. He is a very well traveled dog, huh? This sweet pup was terrified on humans on his first day in our home. He mostly sat off to himself. He would run anytime I came into the room. He would come close to Tommy, but you could forget about anything around me. He would barely even take my treats. And when he did, he hurried off to eat it alone. These days, Pudge is now known as Pugsley in our house (I HATED calling this poor underfed dog Pudge.) He is slowly learning to play (for about 5-10 mins at a time) and his favorite toy is a stuffed shark with a squeaker inside. He enjoys going to the park, but is scared of other people unless they have a dog with them. He HATES cats and LOVES my Neene (grandmother). Tommy is his main person, but he is allowing me to let him out in the mornings...and he hasn't had an accident since last Tuesday! And Saturday morning, he even did a bit of snuggling with me (at my feet) before my Zumba class. Pugsley has a long way to go in earning confidence and trust, but he is making progress!

I am leaving work early today for a doctor's appointment...and then I think I will treat myself to a pedicure. It is a rare treat...but these feet are ready for spring!


  1. What a cutie pie. And what a great thing to do for this little doggie. I foresee some serious snuggling between you and that pup in no time at all. Glad you made it through that awful rash of tornadoes safely.

  2. For the love of me I do not understand how some people can be so cruel to animals when all they do is love us and want to make us happy...........

  3. How cute! I love that you are fostering! Our two dogs are from a rescue as well. The first all the way from south carolina...we live in new york! There were some sure roller coaster moments but time will make it better!


  4. Agreed - Friday's weather was scary!!! I was a nervous nelly clicking "refresh" on the weather website! Refresh - refresh-refresh! It made me freak out too.

    Congrats on dropping a half pound - I know how big of a deal that is!!!!! Wish I could report good news like that - but I'm still trying to work off the 4 pounds I put on a week ago. Good news, the scales heading in the right direction - why is it soo easy to put it on but incredibly difficult to take it off, sigh!

    Your Pugsley is adorable - thanks for sharing. We put my dog to sleep last January and adopted a puppy 6 weeks later. She was a rescue and the first year in our home has been tremendously challenging. I couldn't figure out where all of my time was going . . . until one day I realized - it was the pup - everything took so much longer becasuee she was here - she'd steal the socks while I was folding laundry, or tear up trash while I was trying to clean the house, etc etc etc. If you are just the foster, then that means Pugsley will be adopted out someday? How hard will that be? Hugs to you for being an awesome human!

  5. Congrats on the loss! He is adorable btw. Hope the weather is better now. Oh and why is it that runners leave those pedicures for last? I'm in desperate need of one of those. hehe

  6. Hey Friend!! How are you doing? I hope well!!! Thinking of you today!!

    Keep focused!!!!

  7. Hey there - long time, no update. Thinking of you; hope all is well. ♥

  8. How are you and Pugsley doing? I hope well!

  9. Hey, I miss you! Hope you are okay! Hope you come back to blogging! Have a good holiday weekend!