Sunday, July 13, 2014

Since I've Been Gone...

Hi Bloggy Friends-

It has been forever since I have posted, but you all know I love reading your blogs. I have been very encouraged by the return of some of my original blog buddies and have recently discovered some awesome new buddies, too! In the last two weeks, I have had multiple friends ask why I haven't blogged, so I wanted to stop in and say "hey!"

I also wanted to catch you up on what has been going on since my last post in January. I have been RUNNING!!! :) Yep, even though I haven't been around here, I have had my most successful year of running so far. In fact, I hit a new PR during my 4th of July race! I was stoked! My Goal at the beginning of the year was to participate in a 5k every month...and I have (except Feb. when my race was cancelled because of icy weather) and even did a 7k during the spring!

This year's Runs :)

Run for Cookies Virtual 5k


Circle K March of Dimes 5k w/Kelly
Super Hero Dash 5k- 42:46
Diabetes Dash - First in Age Group! 40:42

Little Red School House 5k w/Kelly-42:07
Kiwanis River Run 7k- 58:55  7k PR

Wise “Yes We Can” 5k- 41:36:53
Jeff Dropo 5k- 41:10:54

Walk for Justice- Not timed
Firecracker Chase 5k-41:11

Sacred Heart Independence Day 5k   -PR 38:52
St. Jude Making Tracks (walk w/Erin)-53:09

I am definitely not a speed demon, but I have learned to really enjoy running and that is what is most important for me right now. 

I also joined Weight Watchers in March. Can you believe I had never been a Weight Watcher?? My friend Kelly had joined last year and had been successful, and the more I talked to her about it the more intrigued I was by the program. I joined the last week in March and so far I have lost 25lbs! This is HUGE for me. I started by following the Simple Start plan and transitioned into Simply Filling. Basically I follow a list of foods to eat by...fruits, veggies, lean meats, Whole wheat pastas,  Fat Free dairy (I honestly don't do much dairy these days) and then I get points for indulgences. Some of my indulgences come in the form of higher calorie meals such as an occasional dinner of pizza once in a blue moon, but usually I use my indulgence points for avocado or PB2. 
This has worked for me, and I am very excited to find something that works for me. I have toyed with the idea of trying the points program, but since SF is working for me, I am going to just stick with it.

So yeah, a ton of great things have happened since my last post, but life hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns. This spring, my Mother In Law was diagnosed with lung cancer. It has been a difficult time in that regards. So if you have any extra prayers, please send them her way.

Well, it was nice touching base, and I will try not to let months pass by without another check in, who knows,you may even see me around here more often :)


  1. Lovely to see you here! Praying for you MIL Jessica. And congrats on maintaining your running...truly impressive. I hope to one day get back into it.

  2. Go runner go! I've been doing the same thing this year, running at least a 5K a month (with the occasional half thrown in there). GO YOU!
    Sorry to hear about your mother in law. Good thoughts for you and your family headed your way.