Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week In Review-A Day Late

I usually do my week in review on Friday because it is my rest day, but this week I did a late workout on Friday night, and didn't want to record it until I had finished it.

How was your Food?
Food was ok. I haven't felt good ALL Week. It started with my run on Sunday...and constant trips to the gym restroom. Then I developed the allergy "crud." Stuffy nose, itchy ears, sore throat (the throat was also over used this week because of tons of Read Alouds at schools across the county for Read Across America.)and just feeling blah. AND I started my period this week. On Thursday I basically ate soup for every meal...way too much sodium. And on Wednesday I let PMS get the best of me and I had a handful of M&Ms.

How was exercise this week?
Saturday- Zumba
Sunday-Bi/Tri + 6 miles (Those were 6 HORRIBLE miles dealing with stomach issues.)
Monday-Exercise Bike
Tuesday-Chest, Back, and Shoulders+2 mile run (and again I had stomach issues)
Wednesday-  Rest Day...and it felt good
Thursday- I should have had a run and strength training that day, but I felt terrible and gave myself a pass. Another rest day.
Friday- Neon Night at Zumba...90 minutes of Zumba wearing Neon Colors and black lights. It was fun, but would have been more fun had I felt better.

What is on tap for the weekend?
Because the Zumba event last night, we won't have class this morning. At some point today, I want to get on the exercise bike. Today is going to be crazy. I have to speak at a conference this morning, then I have my cousin's baby's first birthday party, and then we are going to one of Tommy's friend's house tonight. I'm still not feeling great and would have loved to stay around the house all day. Tomorrow I am hoping for a better 6 miles than last week.

What's New?
Well, we won't be going to Birmingham next weekend, so no Fairy Tale Run. Just couldn't justify the gas money. (The person Tommy was meeting with cancelled.) But there is a local 5k next weekend, and if I am feeling better I plan to do it.

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