Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Spring Park

Tommy and I are out of town this weekend following our favorite Minor League Baseball Team , the Jacksonville Suns. Tommy is a huge Marlins fan, and a couple of years ago we decided to check out one of their minor league teams. We have been hooked since. During baseball season, we spend many weekends on the road cheering on our boys. This year, I want to make a real effort to find new places to walk/jog while we are out of town instead of just using the hotel treadmill. This morning we were able to explore Big Spring Park in Huntsville, Alabama. It is a gorgeous park. Since Tommy was with me, we spent most of the time just walking through the park and enjoying the ducks, fish, and beautiful scenery. After we had walked around for about an hour, I asked Tommy if he would mind if I did a short jog. It was so much fun jogging in a new place. My pace was very comfortable and because Tommy was waiting, it was very short. During our entire time at the park I logged 5420 steps.

When we got back to the hotel I decided to do a quick mile on the treadmill to complete my workout. I was excited with my time..12:08. This is my best 1mile time on the treadmill so far. YAY! Now that I am running outside, the treadmill has become tedious for me...I get bored quick! So far this has been a great weekend. Only wish the hotel had the pool open already! Happy Saturday!

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