Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weekend Run Recap!

My weekend runs were crazy! Friday I did a short/fast run. My total run was 1.25 miles. I had planned to walk the rest of the 5k but the winds were so bad I just called it a day.
Saturday morning I planned to do my full 5k "Roadkill Run" behind the house. The weatherman had called for storms that morning, but when I left the house all was clear. About 1.5miles in to the run, it started to rain. I just kept of pushing. I really wanted to finish. At mile 2, it started to pour. I stopped to call Tommy to ask him to come pick me up, and told him I would keep running until he got there. I was at about 2.5 when he made it to me. He brought a towel...I was soaked. I was a little upset with myself for not finishing, but about the time I walked in the house the tornado sirens were sounding, so I was glad I stopped when I did! Luckily, a tornado never hit down in my community. A town about an hour away got the brunt of the damage. A blessing that no one was killed in that area.

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