Friday, April 23, 2010

Running with Dad

My Dad passed away March 19, 2007. It changed my life forever. One of his favorite things to do was grill. In the past few weeks, my evening jogs have been a great time to think about and remember him. Running on nice Spring evenings, through the neighborhood I grew up in, smelling the fresh cut grass and meat cooking on a family's grill has become a refuge for me. It is my time with Dad. The first spring night I could smell the cut grass and grills, I cried for over half my jog. I know my Dad would be so proud of me. I know he would be at my races with a huge smile on his face cheering me on. There are some days that I miss him so much that my body physically hurts. Now, I just think about my evening runs...with him , and it helps.


  1. I'm browsing through some of your old posts and had to add a comment to this one. I can so identify with your feelings here. The memories and thoughts that come to your are precious. Hold on to them. My mom died in 1993, but she used to run part of the same trail I run on. I think about her every time and sometimes it makes me cry and sometimes it makes me know that she's still watching and cheering me on. Hugs

  2. Love this picture!!!

    Unfortunately, I can so relate...but because my Mom passed away on 06/02/06. My Mom was one of my biggest cheerleaders--and we had just gotten our relationship to that really cool place and suddenly she was taken from me. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her...or wish that I had just one more day with her. But as you said, your Dad (and my Mom) are always around...cheering us on!

    Sending hugs your way!