Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Tommy has been out of town the past couple days watching our team in the finals. It was my first week of classes at the library, so I couldn't take off to go. The team only needs two more wins to be back to back Champions. Go SUNS! Tommy has had a blast, but I sure do miss him.

2. Even though I had to work this week, instead of going to the finals, I had a baseball moment of my own! Washington National's player Josh Willingham brought his son to my Story Time on Wednesday. I was super excited, but wanted to respect his time with his son so I didn't act like like a super fan :)

3. I have skipped the last two night running, because of the blister, and only did the shred. I HATE level 2 of the shred, but just keep pushing. Tonight is my night to tackle Week 4 Day 1 of the Couch to 5k again!


  1. Hope the blister heals quickly. Hate blisters. Oh, I remember story times. They were my favorite thing when I worked in the public library. Funny, we often had patrons who wanted to volunteer to "read to the children." No way I'd ever let that happen. I LOVE doing story times and it's so much more than just reading to the children. I did love having volunteers do other things to help (craft prep work, shelving the picture books, and I had one who loved to do bulletin boards--I'd tell her my theme or idea and she'd produce a fantastic 3D bulletin display).

  2. Modified Push Ups -As I read your blog post, I couldn’t help but think of the Push Up Bench as the most effective way for people who struggle with push ups , to be able to do them correctly (with full range of motion). Most modified push ups make them easier but only allow one or two variations. The Push Up Bench has 11 different levels to work through on the way to a full push up.

  3. Thanks for the info David. Can you tell me more about a push up bench? I started with wall push-ups and then moved on to the knees.