Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I am behind on blog reading this week. Things have been WILD (at home and at work)  and I just haven't had much time for reading and commenting on blogs. Hopefully, I can catch up some this weekend. I miss knowing what is going on with you guys :)

2.  Because of my Wild Week, I am behind on the Shred. I have been able to workout each day (until tonight), but the Shred has been put off way to much. I do okay with heading straight to the gym after work, but once I get home all bets have been off.  I am going to TRY to double up some in the next few days and maybe get caught back up. I am disappointed that I have let it slip by, but I worked late a few nights this week, celebrated my MIL's birthday Tuesday night, and welcomed a new baby into our family ( my cousin had a child.) It has been a great week, just very full.

3. A couple of week's ago, I asked for prayers for my best friend's little boy. He was in a riding accident and had been sent to a children's hospital for surgeries. Things had been going well with his recovery until this week. He has developed staph and they are very worried. He is back in the hospital as of tonight, and in quite a bit of pain. They may be doing another surgery tomorrow. Please keep him in your thoughts.


  1. Darn life getting in the way! :P At least you are getting to the gym to workout! Something is always better than nothing, although it puts you behind on the Shred.

    Prayers for you friend's child! I hope everything turns around for him as soon as possible.

  2. Hey Jess - I've been MIA this week as well...sick. Ugh. Hope you have a great weekend and I will definitely be thinking of your friend's boy.

  3. Hey Jess, glad you're on board for the Hot 100. Your friend's boy is in my prayers.

  4. I hear ya...when I get behind on blogs I always feel guilty! Sometimes, life gets in the way though!


  5. Hope all is well - you're all in my thoughts and prayers! ♥