Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry-thon Update!

I am a little over halfway finished with the Merry-thon miles. The next half will be harder because of my work schedule the rest of the week, and being at home (45 mins away) from the gym next week. But I WILL complete my Merry-thon miles, and I know you guys will too!
I am trying to make a game plan for finishing the last 13 miles. I am hoping to get in at least 6 more miles this week...then next week I will try to come to town Tuesday to hit the gym and maybe get some last minute gifts bought, and run outside Wednesday. Monday I will be out of town most of the day and doubt I could get any miles in, but if I leave my house early, I could stop at the gym before heading out. It will come together. I am commited! I can do this! Even in the craziness of December!

How many miles have you completed?


  1. I'm a little over halfway also - 14.25 miles logged. I used Google Maps to plan out runs by distance around my hometown so I can keep up the work in Connecticut! ♥

  2. Only 3 so far at the gym, but i am goign to do what Mary suggested and map out some routes around home so i can get a bit of jogging in on the many days i do not have a babysitter

    Enjoying the challenge!


  3. You are committed! Nice job planning out how to finish your miles. That's awesome you already have more than half of your miles done. Great job!!

    I've completed 60/126. I'm running tonight and tomorrow night, so I'll definitely be past the halfway mark by the middle of the month. Given the brutal weather that may spontaneously rear its nasty head, it feels good to be a little bit ahead.

    Thank you so much for creating this challenge! You've really helped me commit to getting in my miles even though I'm not training for a race at the moment. THANK YOU!

  4. I missed out on this Merry-thon competition, but it sounds like you are doing great!! :) Keep up the good work!!