Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I wish this was a Three Things Thursday post, because I am already ready for the weekend :) Just wanted to let you guys know that I joined Twitter today. Several of the blogs I read also have twitter accounts so I thought I would embrace twitter, too :) My name is MrsHillRuns so follow me :)

How are your Merry-thon miles going?  After tonight's run I should have 9 miles :) Woohoo


  1. Nine miles already? Over a third of the mileage in less than a quarter of the month? You are totally going to hit your goal!

    I've got just over a quarter of my mileage done so far. I'll be doing seven or eight miles in the morning. Working toward a monthly target is great! This challenge is a genius idea. :)

  2. I'm following you on Twitter @AJourneyToThin.

    I have completed 7.29 miles so far!

  3. I finally got around to throwing the Merry-thon banner up on my blog. 5 down....many to go! :)