Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  I am at 10.6 miles completed so far for the Merry-thon and plan to hit the gym again tonight. Tomorrow will be a night off from the gym and then I plan to run outside one day this weekend, if the weather isn't too bad. Yesterday our high was only 34!!! In Alabama that is COLD! And they are predicting snow for the weekend.

2. I think I have my Winter Wonderland Warriors Goals figured out...but still may tweak a few...Here they are...

1. 150 miles on foot (A combo of walking, jogging, and running)
2. 150 miles on Bike  (This will be at the gym)
3. 2 miles in 24 minutes ( I was hoping to get this done by the end of the year, but think I will still be working on it when the challenge starts)
4. Participate in an official 5k ( I haven't done one in a while.)
5. Do 100 minutes of Wii Fitness a week. ( I read about others using there Wii all the time, but usually only use it when I can't get to the gym...I want this to be an extra component.)
6. Save $100 per month.  (This will be tough, but I think I can do it.)
7.  Strength Train 2 days per week. (Maybe if I add this as a challenge goal I will be more consistent.)
8. Eat 7 fruit/Veggies per day. (In general I think I do this...but it will be more planned now.)
9. Drink at least 64oz of water per day. (This is usually no problem during the week, but I need to work on my weekend water consumption.)
10. Do something FUN once a week. (This could be a movie at home with Tommy, a Girl's Night, or taking Humphrey for a hike...just something fun...sometimes I get in a funk during the blah winter months.)

What do y'all think of those goals??

3.  For the last couple of weeks, my calories have been up...not really with fat heavy foods, but I have just wanted MORE of what I usually eat. Have any of you been experiencing this?


  1. I love the "do something fun" one :) If you are like me, it seems that there is always something that NEEDS to be done or else, I am too tired to do doing something fun is a good goal! You are worth it!

  2. My calories are up too - still making good choices, just feeling hungrier. I think it's seasonal stress mixed with the weather. Whenever it's cold, I just want to have a snack and hibernate until it goes away!

  3. These goals look great! You've also inspired me to improve my 2 mile run time. Glad to hear about your 10k program. It should be a breeze for you.

  4. @ Topslady - Yes! I always feel like there is cleaning or something to do, so having fun will be a fun goal :) The dishes can wait, right?

    @ Mary- Yes I think the cold weather makes me want to eat more and sleep more!

    @ Clyde- Thanks for your support and thumbs up on my goals!

  5. I've definitely noticed this too in the food dept (ahem today's post).

    I really like your goals, they are all fitness related so I think you'll definitely achieve some great things with them! I am waiting to reveal my goals until the first post so stay tuned on that one :)

    Usually I get by in the winter with a huge love for soup, but I just haven't wanted it lately. I don't understand it, so I need to find something soothing for the winter other than hot chocolate, because my love for tea has also disappeared.

  6. I have been SO hungry the past few is very cold here, too! Maybe our bodies are begging for warming fuel! Hee hee hee.

    Your goals look awesome. I need to be more like you.

  7. These are some great goals, Jess. I like that you've made them really measurable and specific. I've been meaning to put strength training on my list too. Like....for months now. >)

  8. I think these goals are GREAT!!!!! I know! I agree, I seem to want to eat and eat !
    Thank you for your comment on "our" song! YES! a song and a memory!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. I like that you have things outside of weight loss on your goal list. Sometimes I get too focused on one thing, while other things slide. This will help you stay well rounded!!

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!!

  10. I need to work on my water gulping, too. Here's to a great watery week for both of us!

  11. Nice job on the miles!

    Your goals look great! It can be tough to focus on so many goals at one time. The FUN goal is awesome. :)

  12. Hi Jessica, Those are great goals! Just reading your blog makes me want to get back on track. I've let myself get into the thinking of it's the Holidays just enjoy...