Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I had a great work trip, but am glad to be back to my normal schedule. The weather was beautiful while I was away, and it made me ache for Spring and minor league baseball :)

2.  Today I had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. They were doing a fundraiser for the library and 20% of the bill went towards new books for the library. The good...I avoided the cheese dip and had a chicken taco salad minus the shell. The lunch was still probably twice as many calories as usual.

3.  I really need to buy new glasses...I just wish they didn't cost so much! In fact, I wish I could afford to have a different pair for every occasion :)


  1. I would LOVE to have more than one pair of glasses!!

  2. I love routine, too!

    I just learned that it is often better to get 2 hard-shell tacos than the taco salad(minus the shell). That blows my mind!!!!

    To me, salad = good choice. What's the world coming to???

  3. I've always convinced myself that the taco salad was a good choice (simply because it has the word salad in it:), but I've never looked up the calories.

  4. yep
    fellow glasses addict here :)
    went and priced a pair I LOOOVE yesterday.


    alas I passed :)


  5. I ordered new glasses for under $100 from Clearly Contacts - they are called Coastal Contacts in the States!