Monday, February 28, 2011

My 30 Day Challenge

On Friday's post, I said I needed to return my focus to gaining good health and fitness, and stop worrying about the scale. When my focus is on health and fitness, I feel good about myself. At the beginning of the year, I noticed a few people challenging themselves to 30 days of activity (running, walking, biking). At the time, my heart wasn't into it, and I didn't join any of these challenges. But now I am ready! I am challenging myself to 30 days of running at least 1 mile a day. I am not sure how long this challenge will take me to complete, because we all know life happens and plans/workout schedules have to change. But I WILL complete this... if I have to skip a day, I will start back at Day 1 and try again...and I know I will get there.  I am competitive with myself, and I hope this will light a new fire. During the Winter Wonderland Warriors Challenge, I have began to try many new forms of exercise. (I love my new spinning class, and plan to go to a ZUMBA class tonight), but these new interests took time away from running, and I want to do BOTH!  I hope that by challenging myself to this 30 days of running, I will also be ready to go when the Spring 5k season begins! I would love any of your that are interested to join me in this challenge! I can't wait to feel that sense of accomplishment when I complete my 30 days!  I will keep you guys updated!


  1. This is really good! I was actually thinking about doing a 14 day personal challenge just to get myself started. I believe a mile a day is very attainable.

  2. I am IN! Starting tomorrow as Day 1! Will report back on how I do!

    Great challenge! I too am competitive with myself! If I say I am going to do it, I have to do it!

  3. You can do it....going to see how far 1 mile is in kilometers...( 1.6km's ) thats pretty do able...I find I am only getting into my run around the 2km mark....
    Will be following your progress.

    I am not planning to do the 17 day diet as am maintaining, but am so interested in different thoughts on correct eating to drop the weight and its a Clean Eating plan which I like....but will share as I read...when the book comes as also on order as none in stock in UK yet.

  4. Good job with the goal-setting. I would also remind you that your body will remember what you are doing and stall on weight loss if you do the same activity day after day - are you able to incorporate spinning, zumba and weight training along with running?

  5. Love this goal!!!!

    To answer your question on my blog...I ordered those measuring cups from my godson as a fundraiser...sorry, no help here!

    Good luck with the exercise!

  6. Jessica,

    What a fantastic challenge. Count me in! 1 mile for me is 1.6 kms so that will be my focus. This couldn't have come at a better time. I am just starting to run and have a Fun Run in May of 4 kms which I think is a little under 2.5 miles. Anyway, I have 9 weeks to get ready and this challenge couldn't have come at a better time!

    I will start today - 1 March which is perfect cause I love Autumn.

    Thanks so much Jessica xx

  7. That's a great goal! I think by the end of the month you will definitely be ready for the 5k. Maybe you'll even be inspired to go more than a mile on some days. I do the elliptical, but want to start running when the weather gets better.

  8. GO for it!! I love this challenge and would love to join, I may have to wait until after bootcamp is over though. Good luck :)