Friday, February 25, 2011

Weight Loss...

Four weeks ago, I started taking medicine to help with my hypothyroidism. I was nervous when I started taking the medicine...because starting any new medicine worries me a bit. But I was also hopeful. I was hopeful that this medicine could help in my struggle to lose weight. Last year, I lost seven pounds during the twelve months of 2010. I also worked out at least 5 days a week (except on the rare occasion that I was sick.) I ran my first and several other 5k's (even if it was at a turtle's pace). And I tried my best to eat a healthy diet. Of course, there were days when I ate more than I should, or ate too much sugar and not enough protein. But overall I felt I had a healthy diet. I tried to not focus on the number on the scale, but found my victories in my improved fitness...and I was happy. The last four weeks, I haven't been as happy. I wanted so bad to see the scale move because of this new medicine... and it hasn't. Well it has moved, but I have gained 4 pounds! I stopped finding as much pleasure in my workouts. I continued to workout, but I began resenting the fact that I was working out so hard and not seeing the results of my other blog friends. I wanted so bad to lose a single pound...honestly I would love a half pound loss. And yet, I would read people complaining over only losing 2 pounds during the week. And I wanted to scream! Why can't I lose this weight!!!
In being hopeful with this new medicine, I had lost my joy in gaining better health and fitness. Today, I want to start finding that joy again. I want to make fitness goals, and get excited to mark them off again. And I will. I am putting away the scale. I may never lose the weight I want to lose, but if I keep going joyfully and making the best decisions...I will be happy with my progress.


  1. I put the scale away for 21 days when I first started (okay...restarted in January). It helped me. What also helped? Writing down what I eating. I was shocked to learn how much I was *really* consuming. When I joined WW, I added up the points on what I had been eating...whoa! I was way over. Maybe you are counting your calories...and your health probs are causing the gain/no loss days. Maybe it is salt...that really causes the scale to make me angry. I was just speaking from my experience. Don't give up! Focus on your endurance and strength.

    I am cheering for you.

    PS---I'm as fast as a turtle too. :)

  2. Hey J! Thanks for your comment. I journal using a Diet and Fitness journal that I bought from Amazon. I love it because it has a place for food broken into meals and on the opposite page it has a place to journal your activity and at the end of the week there is a place for weekly reflection. It is a great journal. :) This is the link...

  3. Good idea - as long as you're living a healthy lifestyle and happy with yourself that's all that matters... once you get used to the medication maybe it'll start working for you!

  4. =( I hope this medicine would be the answer and give you the results you wanted, but as long as you are eating right and exercising, you'll work off the pounds. Keep working hard!

  5. You are doing all the right things! Have courage. Keep track of your calories for a few days just as a checkup. Are you eating enough? Too few calories and your weight loss will stop too. You have achieved so many goals already. You are surely a great success already.

  6. Everything has been said above, Jess. Just wanted to say how much of an inspiration you've been to me. You're perseverance is admirable and you will be rewarded for all this hard work. Keep it up.

  7. Are you still working on those tangible goals you have listed on the right-hand side of the page? I hope so!! :)

  8. How frustrating! :(

    I lose weight very slowly and I can't believe when people complain they only lost 2 lbs in a week- I'd be jumping for joy if that were me! :)

    You can do this- you are doing so well! I think you have it right when you say you are going to get back to focusing on health and fitness again. That's what's really important!

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