Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morning Workouts

I start my Summer Reading Program at the library in two weeks. This is always my busiest time of year. It is non-stop from the moment I arrive until time to leave...and most days I don't get out on time. I am thinking about changing a couple of my workouts a week to mornings during the summer. If I workout in the morning, I get it out of the way and won't talk myself into "skipping just one night." I usually workout in the mornings a few times a month because of evening programs at the library, and I enjoy working out in the morning. What I don't enjoy is leaving my house so early in the morning and showering at the gym. (I never feel clean after I shower at the gym.) My Mom doesn't live far from my gym so I could go to her house once school gets out for summer, but that is a bit of a hassle too. I guess what I need from you guys is tips and advise on motivating myself for these morning workouts :)


  1. I tried morning workouts when my mom was in town - very tough for me. What helped a little was making sure I had my bag packed and ready to go the night before so I wasn't scrambling around looking for something ridiculous like running socks when I was half asleep.

  2. I set as many alarms that I can.... pack a bag, sleep in your clothes, and have water in the fridge and a snack ready.

  3. totally understand!! i hate getting ready at the gym. I always end up getting ready in about 5 minutes because I do not feel like it is worth it...then I look like I just rolled out of bed by the time I get somewhere. haha. morning workouts really are worth it though. It is so tough for me to get up but when I get home later that night...I am always so grateful to be done!!