Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I had a horrible run tonight. I got about 1.75 in and started having horrible stomach issues, and ended up spending about ten minutes in the gym restroom before heading home.UGH! I think part of us was lack of hydration during the day.

2. I could really use a trip to the beach...but until Summer Reading at the library is over, Saturday afternoons in my plastic kiddie pool will have to do :)
3. Red wine vinegar has become one of my favorite kitchen staples. I put it on everything! So Yummy! My favorite is tomatoes with red wine vinegar and crushed black pepper.


  1. yummm I love red wine vinegar!! sorry to hear about your bad run!

  2. haha! love the kiddie pool! I also love red wine vinegar...hang in there! you will have another great run soon :)

  3. A "bad" run is still better than NO run!!