Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Summer Fitness Bucket List

Yesterday I mentioned wanting to create a Summer Fitness Bucket List. I spent the last two days jotting down ideas for my list, and thought I would share it with you guys. Some of these will be harder than others...some are hard simply because I will have to plan and make arrangements to complete them because they will consist of a bit of travel. I think they will all be fun, and something fun to work towards this summer!

My 2011 Summer Fitness Bucket List
1. "Play Tennis"  This will probably just consist of me and T spending an afternoon hitting tennis balls around at the tennis court because I am horrible at actually playing a kid my Dad was a local tennis champ...I did not gain his skills LOL
2. Walk to the end of the "Country Road."  Honestly I have no idea the length of the country road behind my house...probably about 7 miles. I use the road for running on occasion and have always wanted to make it to the end.
3. Run at least one mile outside every week. I'll be honest, when it is hot in Bama in July I hate to run outside...honestly, I hate to do anything outside once the temps get about 100, but this will motivate me to wake up early to get in an outdoor run once a week.
4. Try Hot Yoga  Several of you have mentioned your love of hot yoga. There is a new Hot Yoga studio opening in Huntsville (about an hour away) so I am going to try to make it over one Saturday morning and give it a try.
5. Run 26.1 miles in one week. I am in such awe of those of you running marathons this summer. This will be my version of a marathon...and one of my hard items I think.
6. Take a water aerobics class. I took water aerobics a couple of years ago and loved it. Hopefully, I will be able to find one to take this summer.
7.Spend the Day at the Zoo. Tommy and I love going to zoos and having this on my bucket list will ensure that we take the time to visit one this summer. Plus a day at the zoo usually means lots of walking and hills.
8. Play Wiffleball with friends. I am going to invite a bunch of friends over and Have some fun :)

9.  Meet my Mom for a walk in the park. I have tried to talk my Mom into joining my gym, but had no success so far. Maybe if I can get her to walking with me, in the fall she will join the gym and be my workout buddy :)
10. Go skating.  I haven't been in years, but I think it would be so much fun.
11.Rent a paddle boat for the afternoon and spend the day on the water. I did this with friends in college and had a blast! 
12. Hike in 2 State Parks.
13. Swim in the Creek. When Tommy and I were dating we went to the creek every weekend, but I haven't been in years.
14. Spend the afternoon on the Slip N Slide.  I may be 31, but I can still tear it up on the Slip N Slide
15. Try a Zumba class
16. Participate in a charity event. I usually do 5k in the Spring and Fall because I hate running in the Alabama heat, but maybe I will just walk one.
17. Bike with a friend...(Don't have a bike, but I will worry about the details later...I really want to bike)
18. Take 10 Spinning classes
19. Walk Humphrey is 5 different parks.  (I tend to walk him in the same park all the time. I think he wants so variety.)
20. Run 2 miles in 24 minutes. ( I know you guys are sick of reading this as a goal for me, but I refuse to give up!)

* This bucket list will begin this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) and end Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Awesome goals and such a good idea...

  2. Having a summer fitness bucket list is such a good idea! Great goals!

  3. Oh I love this bucket list fir the summer! No 19 is dear to my heart! Coop lives exploring new places!!

  4. Summer Bucket list... GREAT idea!!

  5. This is an awesome list! I need to make mine. :)

  6. Good luck! These are awesome goals!

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  8. Love love love the list. I did this last year and was able to get most of the items done. We had a blast!! You have a lot of fun things to do!!

    I'm still working on my list

    Keep focused!

  9. I absolutely LOVE this idea!! I created a summer challenge for myself that includes some fitness goals, but this bucket list is much better. I may just borrow this idea in a future blog entry ;)