Tuesday, December 13, 2011

21 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me!

I was so excited when  (Just) Trying is for Little Girls tagged me in her post 21 Random Bits post! I love learning new things about my bloggy friends! Here are my 21 things....

1.  Santa never left my gifts wrapped under the tree. I always wondered why he wrapped my friends gifts and not mine. Mine were just scattered unwrapped.  (My Mom wrapped gifts as a part-time job before she got pregnant with me lol).

2. As a child, I could never sleep the night before Christmas Eve. I was just so excited that I would stay up all night...usually on the couch in the living room watching Christmas Movies on TV. Christmas Eve was a busy day for my family..we visited both sets of Grandparents and all of my cousins...plus my Great Aunt's House. Christmas Day was very laid back for us, which was nice because I could play with all my new toys.

3. These days, if I am up after 9PM it is a wild night for me...or I had a late Zumba class :)

4. I have naturally curly hair and am always terrified when I go in to get my haircut. I think this is the direct result of a REALLY, REALLY, BAD haircut in fifth grade. My Aunt Cathy checked me out of school (my mom worked at the school) and took me to get my haircut. The boy cut was all the rage...and my aunt thought I would look so cute with this cut. SHE WAS WRONG!!! I looked like an 80 year-old woman with her Sunday Perm in a 10 year-old kid's body. And it took forever to grow back out!

5. When I first met my husband, I thought he was cute...but didn't think a relationship was in our future. Boy was I wrong. I am very glad that Tommy is persistent. I can't imagine living my life with anyone else.

6. I love a glass of red wine with dinner, but Tommy doesn't drink. I usually try to limit myself to when we have company over for dinner.

7. I love to spend the day rummaging through antique stores. I don't always buy something, but I just love it. Tommy enjoys it too, on occasion and I am hoping for an antiquing trip for my birthday this year.

8. Tommy hates to eat in restaurants. It is just not his thing. He would much rather me cook dinner at home than eat out. However, he has no problem eating subway every day for lunch LOL

9.  My Neene (maternal grandmother) is one of my best friends. I am so glad that we have such a special relationship. I hope to be just like her one day.

10.  The first few years after my Dad died, I just couldn't get into the Christmas spirit. My only Christmas spirit came from reading cheesy Christmas books. This year, I have been more spirited than I have been in years....and haven't finished the first Christmas book yet.

11. I named an Orangutan at the Little Rock Arkansas Zoo. I won a contest online! :) I have never been to see my sweet little Moshi, but one day I will make it to Little Rock!

12.  When I was a senior in highschool, I had to have tubes put in my ears. Everyone thought it was hilarious since that's what toddlers have done...everyone but me! Ouch!

13.  I love eggs! I especially like them for dinner. I can usually talk Tommy into eggs  for dinner once per week. I only eat eggs for breakfast on the weekends...and not every weekend.

14.  In the past six months, I have probably spent more money on clothes for my dog than for myself. I am just not that into clothes. I blame this partly on working with kids at the library. I never want to spend much on clothes than might get painted...plus I sit on the floor at work everyday...or no skirts LOL.

15.  I hated pizza until I got married. Now I don't hate it.

16. I always shave my armpits when I take a shower. Even if I take two showers in one day..I run the razor over the armpits twice...now my legs are a different story...during the winter it is more like once a week.

17. My husband raises snakes. Yep...he is a hobby Herpetologist. People have alot of misconceptions about this....including thinking that snakes are just crawling all over the house. Truth is, you could come to our house and never know we had snakes. (And we usually don't tell people because sometimes once they know they start thinking of reasons not to visit LOL). He has a great setup and he says one day we might actually make money! He loves to read any and every thing about reptiles.

 18. We actually got engaged while he was on a trip for a reptile convention. I was completely shocked and had no idea he was going to propose. I was super excited! And even walked over to the convention center that afternoon instead of staying out on the beach.

19. I hate taking a bath. I often read about the joy women receive soaking in a nice hot bath. I am not one of those women. I am a fast shower girl all the way. Occasionally, when I am really stressed out, Tommy will run me a bath...and I think it is a sweet gesture, but all I can think he how long must I sit in this tub.

20. I am horrible about not reading magazines I have a subscription to. When they come in the mail, I get very excited...but then I never sit down and read them...unless I am sick.

21. I am a Brittany Spears fan. Yep... I said it. It's my little secret...but I love to belt out some Brittany!

Now I am going to tag...



  1. This is so cute! I felt the same way about Adam when we first met and I couldn't think of anyone else to be with!

  2. ah! Thanks for tagging me! I will try to post within the next couple of days. But first, a few comments about yours:

    I also had a bad hair cut in elementary school. I wanted it short and permed. My family wanted it long and straight. What I got was a compromise and it was NOT PRETTY! From the front, it looked like I had short hair..and all the hair surrounding my head was permed. But in the back I still had long straight hair... (think of a boy's mullet from the 80's.....but with the perm thing going on too LOL)

  3. Good to learn more about you! :) I felt your pain in the hair cut one! lol How embarassing at that age! :)

    Thanks for tagging me!

  4. we don't wrap Santas present either. I am totally a BSpears fan also! I cant imagine not liking pizza for so long..sometimes I just crave the stuff! glad you like it now!

  5. I am also a Britney (and Ke$ha) fan. BIG TIME!!!

  6. Thanks for tagging me my Friend!! Brittany? Oh my! LOL!!

    Keep focused!!

  7. I don't spend money on clothes, either... i prefer consignment shops. :) How great that you're so close to your grandma!

  8. Loved this post!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

    Ps-i am back into blogging. I look forward to catching up!