Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. I only have 8 more hours of work until my vacation time begins. And these 8 hours are spread out over two days...a half day today and Monday. I am so excited about this. Earlier in the week, I was running my vacation leave for the end of the year, and realized when I put in for the time off in August, I have actually used 16 hours of vaca time on Saturdays (which I don't work, unless we have an event). So I had 16 extra hours to use!!! I will be off from Monday at noon until Jan. 2!!! I am super super excited!

2.  Thank you for your continued prayers for Annalee. She had an appointment yesterday at Vanderbilt. The HSP diagnosis was confirmed, however they are doing some more extensive testing just to rule out and other illnesses. We should know something by Wednesday.

3. Tomorrow is my Rudolph Race in Huntsville with my friend Dick. I just can't wait. He arrive in Alabama late last night, and will be staying at our house tonight. I know we are going to have a great time!

4. I haven't worked out as much this week as I had planned. I have ran 5k on Monday and did a workout DVD Wednesday (had planned to run again, but time just didn't allow it). Tuesday my Mom called to ask if I would help her put up a Christmas Tree. She had not put one up since my Dad died, so I definitely wanted to help her out! And last night I was just exhausted. I should have ran Thursday morning, but it didn't happen when I overslept...and after a nonstop 11 hour day I was pooped! But I still have two days to make some of it up..and Saturday will include that 5k.

5. Did you notice that I didn't have any Zumba classes this week! Boo!!! I hope to hit a couple of morning classes next week at the studio near my house. I really love that instructor and wish I had more free mornings to take advantage of such an awesome studio! I think it is great that one of the things I am most excited for during my vacation time is an exercise class!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!


  1. Have fun at your 5k and good luck!! You'll do great and have fun with your friend too!

    So jealous of you being off til Jan. 2nd!!!!!! How freaking lucky! This weekend, and the next two after I have 4 day weekends. So I am pretty excited about that!

  2. Enjoy your vacation and have fun at the 5K !!!!!


  3. No zumba... boo. That is still on my to do list. It looks (sounds) like such a fun workout. I took salsa lessons a few years ago and that was a great workout, I imagine zumba to be along the same line, just a bit more challenging. Have a great run tomorrow and an even better vacation.

  4. So sorry about the HSP, that sounds scary. Hope you get more answers soon. It's hard to stay consistent this time of year-- I try to view it as a "cut-back" week to take some of the stress off myself... hope you get workouts in, and enjoy some downtime!

  5. Yippee for holiday time off, hope your 4 hours tomorrow goes quick. Hope that you get a clean review on Wednesdays on the test and nothing more gets added.