Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

 I have had such a great weekend! Super busy, but such a great time. Tomorrow I plan to recap my 5k from Saturday! Today you get pictures of Christmas around the Hill House :)

Ho Ho Ho from Humphrey!

My Christmas decorations are now up. I had everything up except the big tree earlier in the week...but today my Neene, Mom, and MIL came over to join me and Tommy decorate the big tree. We had fun and hopefully this will be a yearly tradition...
Neene, Humphrey, and Mom

I just love the cozy feeling of my house during the holidays...

My Snow Village....My Grandmother has a small collection when I was a child. After she passed away my Mom got 4 of her houses and when I got married she gave them to me. Tommy has added to my collection each year.

A close up look...

I love my dishwasher magnet :) It almost makes loading the dishwasher more fun...not really!

I collect vintage Children's Christmas books.

An early Christmas gift...antique corner cabinet. I have been looking for just the right one for years and found it a couple of weeks ago while Tommy and I were out browsing. It was a great price, but with the end of the year bills, I just couldn't justify the purchase. I couldn't keep my mind off of it and was talking to my MIL about it...when out of the blue she said...let me get that for you for Christmas, I never know what to get you (in the five years Tommy and I have been married, she has always bought me cleaning items...steamer mop, vacuum, dustbuster, etc. lol). At first I was hesitant, but she insisted...when we called about it it was still there and they said they would hold it until we made it back over (it was in a shop over an hour away) when we went back they were having Christmas Open House and we got an additional 25% off! We got a great deal...and I LOVE IT!

I just love this snow globe!

When I added the deer to the tablescape Tommy wasn't so sure. Yesterday when we were out we saw deer on so many tables. Tommy said I was a trendsetter. Haha!

I bought this little tree at a yardsale  for a dollar this fall. It was missing a few bulbs, but Tommy was able to replace them. I love it!

Another shot of table and new cabinet.

This is my kitchen tree. You can 't see it well, but it is decorated with cookie cutters.

This is our Memories Tree. It is decorated with ornaments from our childhoods, ornaments the kids at the library have made/given me, and our dated ornaments we have collected since we started dating. We also have dated engagement, just married, and first house ornaments. I love just looking at all the fun ornaments on this tree.

This table is made from trees that were cut from Tommy's farm.

Our guest bed with Tommy's Childhood Pooh Bear and a Memory Bear made from one of my Dad's shirts.

Of course Humphrey has his own tree...

This Big Tree...

 I hope you guys will post some pictures of your Christmas decorations!


  1. cute blog layout! I also love all of your Christmas decorations.

  2. WOW, that looks great! We don't haven't put up any decorations yet. I did buy Ramsey a train ornament the other day, so that's a step in the right direction. Nice job spreading the holiday cheer on here, Jess!