Monday, December 5, 2011

Candy Cane 5k Recap

Saturday I participated in the Fourth Annual Candy Cane 5k to benefit CASA.  CASA of Alabama supports and promotes court appointed, trained and caring volunteers for abused and neglected children so that they can thrive in a safe and permanent home. The local chapter of this organization uses this 5k as one of the 3 fundraisers for the organization.
First, I want to say I really enjoyed this event...there could have been improvements but overall it was fun!  This was the smallest 5k I have ever participated in with only about 30 participants. This was also my first "cold weather" official 5k. Actually, the weather was, but not the low 50s. Everything about this run was very laid back....which has some pros and cons. First, I was really surprised that we weren't given bibs...and yet the timing seemed pretty organized for a run not sponsored by a running organization. The goodie bag was full of some pretty good coupons to locally owned businesses, with some pens and memo pads, a water bottle, and chapstick thrown in for good measure. The shirt was a cute long sleeve cotton.  My biggest complaint of the day was that there were no water stations. I ran this same course a few months ago, and there were two stations, so I was surprised when there was no water. Also post race didn't include any fruit...instead there were snack cracker packs, gummy fruit snacks, hot chocolate, and water...I was very happy to see that water, but could have used a banana!!! Time was kept by stop watch....with no spits given during the race...I finished somewhere around 41 minutes ( it wasn't a PR for me, and I can't remember my exact time.) My goal for official 5ks is always sub 40, but I still felt pretty good with this time. Awards were only given to First, Second, and Third place for the overall race...and then Jr. racers (14 and under). There was also a prize for best holiday dress....AND I WON! I couldn't believe it...I got a $10 gift card to a restaurant. There was also a drawing for everyone that brought a toy for the toy drive.
My coworker Abby also ran the race.

I was excited to see this on the organization's FB page.

Tommy took this when I got home!

I enjoyed this 5k and hope to run it again next year. Instead of feeling like a race it felt more like a really fun Saturday morning outdoor run...with a bit of swag :)


  1. I love races with fun themes - all the costumes make it even more exciting! :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Cute stuff! What a great idea. Like the shirt!

  3. You shirt is so cute and funny!

  4. Congrats on your race award! :) Do you like racing in the cold? I love it. Your shirt is adorable, and you look too cute. Nice race, Jess!