Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and MIA

It has been 10 days since my last post. Not only have I not posted, I am also way behind in reading. I started trying to catch up with my reading last night after our Christmas festivities. Maybe I will get somewhat caught up tonight. The last 10 days did not go as I had expected, but there was alot of good in them.
As you guys know, my niece, Annalee, has been sick since the week after Thanksgiving and had been diagnosed with HSP...and the diagnosis was later confirmed at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. Last Wednesday, Annalee was Med-flighted back to Vandy. This was such a scary time for the family. When my Mom called, I literally felt like I couldn't breathe...I was so scared for that sweet little girl. Annalee's intestines had started telescoping (enclosing on themselves) and she was soo sick and in such pain. A few hours after arriving at Vandy, she was already so much better and they were able to treat her with medicines and avoid surgery. She was released from the hospital last night, Christmas Day. Many of you on my Facebook page have been able to keep up with her progress and your sweet comments, emails, and prayers meant the world to me. She is feeling much better, and is very glad to be back with little brothers and celebrating Christmas with her family.

The Saturday following my last post (on Friday) I participated in the Reindeer Run 5k with my friend Dick. The run was a lot of fun. I thought the course was a bit tough and probably was my biggest run to date (only second to the Susan G Race for the Cure that I walked with my family last year). The race has a great atmosphere and it will definitely be one that I was participate in again in the future. The first might was really tough for the both of us, because of the crowd, and trying to find our pace. We killed the second mile, and then struggled a bit in the final mile having to take some walking breaks. I can't remember my exact time, but it was about average with my other 5k times.

I hope all of you have had a great Christmas! Our greatest gift this year was having Annalee released from the Hospital. I have talked to her on the phone, and can't wait to see her! Tommy and I celebrated yesterday with our Mothers and my Neene and we had a really nice time together. I have eaten way too much in the last 7 days, but hopefully a bit of normalcy will return to life in the following days.  My big plan is to head back to the gym tomorrow! I haven't done any formal exercise since the 5k and my body is ready for a good workout. I look forward to catching up with all of you guys!!


  1. It is such great news to read the Annalee is home and doing much better, it would have been so scary to have her so sick and having to be flown to the other hospital, I hope she just keeps getting better and is soon back to her old self.........

  2. such great news.
    and yet Im sure your head is still reeling from it all.

    xo xo


  3. I too am way behind in my blog reading. .......and housework...ugh!

  4. So happy to hear that your niece is home and doing better!

    Take all the time you need and get back to it! Miss your posts and FB status updates =)

  5. I'm anxious to see how she's doing as I continue reading through your posts!