Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wild Week and Yucky Feet!

Last week was CRAZY! It included a great 3 mile run, a dentist appointment, a late night at work, a horrible run (had to stop at 2.25 miles), a doctor's appointment, BUYING A NEW CAR!, a run that never got started because of weather, 8 tornado warnings in three days, and flooding! *whew*
My regular workout schedule was really out of whack :) But that is okay, because this week it will hopefully be more routine and will culminate with a a 5k Saturday morning.

Quick question?? Do you guys have issues with your feet peeling? Since I have started running outside, I have noticed that my feet peel constantly! UGH! GROSS!!! I have never really had this issue before, but right now, between my toes, is disgusting. I bought a pumice stone to help, but this is just crazy! I am almost too embarassed to wear flip flops...almost :)

I think I am going to try to shift my runs to all mornings. I usually do my Monday run in the morning, but the rest of the week I do them after work. With the temps going up outside, I think Im gonna try to move them all to the mornings. If I have to do an evening run, I think it will have to be moved inside to the gym's treadmill (but the treadmill is soo boring to me now!) I have just noticed in the past few weeks that my 5:15 pm runs have become really rough, uncomfortable, and no fun! So maybe this will help!

Hope all is well! ~Jess


  1. Hi Jess, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I don't know if this tip would work for runners, because I am more of an elliptical trainer girl myself, but I slather Vaseline on my feet before I put on my socks and shoes. It helps with the rubbing and helps prevent what you're talking about. Hope that helps you-seriously, my feet used to be like sandpaper!

  2. Thanks for the comment Karen! I will try that!