Friday, July 23, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That...

A lot of things are jumping around in my head today...these are just a few.

* My knee is feeling better, but I think I will hold off running on it until at least Sunday. I only have 4 four of my 10 miles logged for this week's Labor Day Challenge Goal. I will be walking today and tomorrow to finish my ten miles...the walking with be slow, but I will get in my 10 miles.

* My eating has been horrible this week. It started off okay, and quickly took a dive bomb into quick and easy food without much nutritional substance. Today will be better, and tomorrow I can go to the grocery and stock my shelves again. With two late nights at work I just got lazy when it came to groceries and cooking. Life happens. This is a long journey with bumps in the road, you just have to keep going.

* Since I knew I wouldn't be doing a hard workout yesterday, I gave a blood donation. My finger is sooo sore and bruised from the iron prick! Ouch! But, I am glad I donated it had been over six months since my last donation.

* Tomorrow I am speaking at a conference. I was told to expect between 350 -500 people. UGH! While I was honored to be asked, I am tired and would rather spend the day with my hubby.

* Today is my last full day of Summer Reading Programs at the library. I don't start school year programs until September. With the exception of a program I am doing Monday for our city's recycling department and our End of Summer Pool Party, work should slow down a bit. I have a ton of planning to do and will be going out to do training at other libraries, but the everyday "crazy" will slow a bit and for that I am thankful.

* Next week, I think I need to journal my food.

* I am in major need of girlfriend time. A good Girls Night Out would be nice...or even better a good Girl's Night In :)

* I am glad I didn't lose all of my blog yesterday. I think it will take a while to get used to the new back ground, but I am glad I was given a reason to make a change :)

* I am so thankful for the support I have been given through this blog! You guys are a life-line for me. Thanks!


  1. I really like your new background! Glad things will be slowing down for you soon:)

  2. The new background looks great Jessica! Very cute. And I'm loving the pic of you doing your run. You are so inspiring.
    I really need to do a meal plan next week as well. When I don't plan, I make all kinds of crazy (poor!) decisions. I'd love to see your plan if you're willing to share. Maybe we could email them?

  3. Glad your knee is felling better!

    Good luck at the conference tomorrow! You'll do great!

  4. I'm impressed with your speaking engagement! Be sure to write about it!

    My "Cutest Blog on the Block" based template when flako on me, too. So, I applied one of the basic ones in Blogger for now. Crisis averted!

    Good luck on your speech!

  5. Love the new look. I remember the marathon work load of the annual SRP. It's like the last day of school for teachers to get it behind you. Congratulations! Good luck at the conference. And plan yourself some girlfriend time. It's a necessity.

  6. Good luck at the conference. Public speaking is one of my biggest fears! Hope your knee is doing OK.