Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wild Week Catch Up....and I Won a Car!!

This has been a crazy wild week! The library is in full swing with our Summer Reading Program and this week in anticipation of the Midnight Premiere of Eclipse, I held a Twilight Lock-In for my teens at the library. The event turned out wonderfully, but it was alot of work on top of the work that usually goes into a summer day at the library. The event also had me at work from 8am until Midnight with only a very brief hour break to pick up lunch Tuesday. When I fell into bed Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I was totally exhausted. That exhaustion held me all the way through Wednesday and I just couldn't get myself to the gym after work. Thursday after work Tommy and I drove up to Nashville to catch a Triple A baseball game, and the Friday we left work early to head to Rome, GA to catch some Single A games. When booking our stay...I was so excited to find a decent priced hotel with a fitness room and pool, especially since I hadn't been in my gym since Monday night. This morning I got in a 2 mile jog on the hotel treadmill and plan to do another mile tonight before bed...and 2 more in the morning to complete my 10mile a week goal I've been maintaining for the 100 Miles Before Labor Day Challenge. YAY! I'm also wanting to hit the pool at some point today. Next week SHOULD be more of a normal week for me...maybe.
In other news, I won a car last night!!! :) It was Used Car Night at the baseball game we went to last night and every inning a used car was given away based on a drawing from your seat number. AND I WON! Every other winner went home with a car that included an engine and battery...but I was still excited with my win :) * Just my luck *


  1. Congrats on the new wheels :)

  2. So, are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob, LOL?
    Great recap! It's so great that you're able to work fitness into your travel schedule. I'm going to try to learn from your example while I'm on vacation over the next couple of weeks.
    Have a good one!

  3. Raegun- I guess I am Team Jacob,but honestly I am neither. I just haven't been able to get into the books. I have tried...I even read the first book twice. I read it when I first bought it for the library and then a year or so later when all the hype started around it (I thought I might had missed something the first time lol). I read the second one and when I finished I decided I wouldn't finish the series. I haven't seen any of the movies.I just really don't like the character of Bella...her "woe is me" attitude drove me crazy in the first book. But the teens LOVE it...and so does several of my friends. And to each their own...I am always excited when a book brings in new readers.

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation!