Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pep Talk to Myself...

I am sitting here in a wonderfully comfy chair in the hotel room trying to talk myself into getting down to the gym to hop on the treadmill. We have to check out in 2 hrs and 15 minutes so if I am going to get my weekly 10 mile goal in...I NEED TO GO NOW! I don't want to have to play catch up all next week...because I don't know all the distraction next week could hold. Hubby is still in bed... I can do this...( heading to change into workout clothes )...

Update! Got my three miles! Finished 10 miles for the week! It wasn't pretty, but it's finished. (Two half-mile intervals, 8 quarter-mile intervals- 5mph jogging/3mph walking)


  1. Good for you - go!!!!! I was just sitting here having the same conversation with myself. Hubs is outside mowing the lawn before we pack up for the cottage and I thought "it's now or least today". I'm off to find my runners. ;)

  2. Yay Raegun! You got this...I'm so happy I got my 10 for the week! Have fun!