Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday's Mid-Day and a Virtual 5k

Yesterday, I did a mid-day workout because I knew I would be too tired when I got off at 7. For the past few weeks, I have used Tuesday as my off day, but Monday we were so tired from the weekend's wild travel and driving home late from Atlanta that I just couldn't leave the house to get to the gym. I rearranged my gym schedule for this week to include the Tuesday mid-day to make up for Monday.
When I got to the gym ( around 2) I thought I was ready... I would put in a quick two mile jog and get back to work. But when I got on the treadmill, I felt terrible. I struggled to make half a mile and then had to do intervals to complete the 2miles scheduled for the day. And honestly, I thought about giving up when I reached the 1 mile. When I left the gym I felt so defeated. I knew it wasn't hunger, I had sipped on water all day, and I had gotten plenty of rest Monday. I didn't know what had gone wrong with my workout. When I got back to work, I even commented to a coworker that it was my worst run in MONTHS! I felt terrible about the workout all day. Around 9PM I started my period (3 days early). I am hoping it was just PMS that got the best of me at the gym. I have 2 more miles scheduled today but will do the full two miles in quarter mile intervals.

In other news, I thought it might be fun to do a virtual 5k with any of you that might be interested. Basically, we will pick a day and everyone with do a 5k (run, jog, walk, whatever) on their own either outside or on the treadmill. Then you guys will email me your times and a little recap of how you felt. I will randomly draw a name from all the participants and send a small prize :) What do you guys think? Anyone interested?


  1. Hi Jessica, Thanks for coming over to my new blog. PMS can really mess things up sometimes. I have a friend who walks every single day on her lunch. I need to start doing mid-day workouts. You inspire me to get up and get moving! Thank You!

  2. I notice a definite change in my energy level around my time of the month.