Monday, November 15, 2010

Oops :)

Sorry about the sign yesterday...I didn't realise you couldn't read it when I posted it :) It says, " Believe and you can do it!"   :)

I really started to get into the holiday mood last week! Because we are going out of town for Thanksgiving this year, I have decided to put up my Christmas tree next Monday. ( I am taking off the week of Thanksgiving.) One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is read wonderful holiday stories. Last week I read, Finding Noel by Richard Paul Evans and then I read A Cedar Cove Christmas by Debbie Macomber this weekend. I really enjoyed both books in different ways. Finding Noel wasn't your typical holiday book, but I think it was perfect for starting off the "Season's Readings."  I adored A Cedar Cove Christmas. Very Cute! I haven't  read any of the Cedar Cove series, but think I might give them a shot after the holidays.  Last night I started another Debbie Macomber book, The Perfect Christmas. Do any of you enjoy reading holiday books, if so, what are some you have enjoyed in the past? Every year, I mean to keep a list of the books I read during the holidays but never do. This year I plan to keep a list on my sidebar. If you are interested in any of the books, or want to know more about them let me know! :)

I am very behind in my blog reading! Hope I can get caught back up with you guys in the next few days :)


  1. I read a Christmas book a few years back and I am struggling to remember the name. when I remember(it will bother me all day until I do) I will let you k now!


  2. The only Christmas book I tend to read is the classic A Christmas Carol. I think I'll have to expand my horizons this year - looking forward to seeing your list!

  3. Cute Christmas design. My scale barely moved!!!! Ugh. I love, love, love to read. I've never had a holiday theme. Great idea.
    Talk to you soon.

  4. ooohh!!! love the new look. I sent you an email :)


  5. It started to snow here in CO. That totally got me in the holiday mood!

  6. I guess I'm more into Holiday movies than books. I'm a surgeon, that's that best IO can do