Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Book Camp Kicked my Butt!

Photo from :http://www.searchamelia.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/boot-camp-club-14.jpg 
OH MY WORD!!! I was not ready for boot camp. This class was hard core...and unfortunately, I am not ready for it yet! I think I will try to attend once a month as a way to check my fitness progress, but it will not go into the regular rotation.

The class lasted 1 hour. I lasted 30 minutes exactly. It was a full body workout in circuits (2 rotation of 5 moves in 30 second intervals)...no stopping. I did fine with the cardio parts, but the floor exercises killed me. As we started our 4th circuit I started to feel woozy...when I stood up from the floor exercises, I started to feel the room spin and blackness coming in on me. I thought I could step to the back grab some water and start again, but I really thought I might pass out...so I quietly picked up my mat and headed out. I grabbed some more water and walked around the gym do get my heart rate down...and then headed to the car.

I had done 15 minutes of cycling prior to the class starting, so I was still able to get in a good 45 minute workout. I am a little down about not being able to complete the class. Part of me want to attempt it again next week, but part of me wants to just run on Mondays. But for now, I think I will keep it a once a month class.


  1. I'm sorry you got woozy! I know with the boot camp classes we offer, if you tell the instructor that you're not feeling great, they can give you modifications until you feel better. If it happens again, maybe talk to your instructors?

  2. Glad that you did try it, but that you didn't push too hard! Once a month can be a good start.


  3. it always amazes me that I can run for hours, but want to collapse in some of these classes!

  4. Hi my Friend, Wow that sounds tough! I know you will be able to do this class. Keep at it.

    So I think I'm back up and running. A lot behind on stuff, but I'm back into the fitness challenge. I've been keeping track, just too hard to get on the web. Anyway I will be turning in my numbers on Sunday. Keep up the great work and stay focused!