Tuesday, November 29, 2011

They Missed Me!

Last night when I walked into the gym, the manager ran over to me and said, "Where have you been?!!!" It was really nice to know that I was missed. I told her about the stomach virus...and then that I wasn't able to get to town (my gym is in the town I work in) while I was off work. (I didn't tell her that I cheat on my zumba instructors at the gym with a different instructors at the studio by my house when I am off work lol). After a bit of chit chat, I hit the treadmill. I knew I would need to take it a bit easy since I haven't ran in over a week. My last run was a nice outdoor run the night before the virus struck! I was able to hammer out a nice 5k+ some cool down walking on the treadmill. Last night was cold and rainy (they were predicting snow, but it didn't happen) and would not have been a good night for me to run outside, but I need to get outside for at least a couple of runs before the Rudolph Run on December 17. Maybe this weekend.


  1. Hi Friend, So sorry you've been sick. Glad you are back at it. My computer is down again. SOOO Frustrating!!!! (I have limited access to a computer) I hope to be up and running again!

    Keep focused!

  2. It is nice to be missed. :)

    Glad you are feeling better and are back in the routine.

  3. I am glad you are on the mend! How awesome that your gym was worried about you.