Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons

My gym posts great health articles on their facebook page each day. Earlier this week, they posted one about easy detox after the holidays that included drinking plenty of water with lemon. I drink quite a bit of water at work each day, and after reading that article I was really wishing I had some lemon with me to squeeze into my millionth glass of water for the day. I responded to the article on FB saying I wished I had a lemon at work. The next day, one of the sweet Moms that comes into the library brought me a lemon. It really made my day....simple kind gestures can mean so much! I smiled ear to eat (when I wasn't puckered from the lemon) the rest of the day.

I left work early today because I had a dentist appointment. Yay! No cavities! After leaving the dentist office a ran a few errands and got home in time to get a quick 35 minute run outside. *Shivers* it was cold...but a good run. I took a new route that included a killer hill. I made it about half way up before I had to stop to walk. I might have been able to make it all the way...but a car was coming my way and I slowed to a walk as I tried to move over to the grass.That hill is my new enemy and I will conquer. I am getting really excited about my 5k on December 17...just a big worried about the colder weather. Speaking you guys have a brand of wicking under shirt that you recommend. I have a Champion and Nike....but the both seem to rise up a few minutes into my run. I blame the DDs a bit for this problem but wondered if any of you had any suggestions. I tried a bigger size shirt, but it still pulled up and was too big under the arms causing discomfort.


  1. That was so sweet of her! I love lemon in my water, but I didn't realize it had health benefits! I'll start doing it more :)

  2. What a sweet lady!

    Good for you for picking a tought route and wanting to conquer the hill. Keep running in the cold weather. Your 5k is going to be great!

    No shirt recommendations here - I'm barely a B, so I can't relate at all to the problem you're having.

  3. I always ask for lemon in my water when I go out to eat - my sister always laughs at me about it...ladida she says!! Good luck with conguering that hill - you will do it!!!


  4. Doing great! I have the big booby problem so I don't know what to suggest for that. Good luck on your race! BTW, I hit up the gym tonight...thought of you. I need to login to anytime fitness website thingy. Haven't done that in a while!