Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Shoes

I am super excited about my new running shoes. I chose Adidas Marathon 10 for my new running shoes. I didn't get fitted for these shoes like I did my last pair, but I did do some research, and did a quick jog in them before paying lol! I have only done one run in them so far...a nice two miles last Monday. I am breaking them in slowly and hope to rotate these in as "run only" shoes. Doing Zumba 2+ times a week, did a number on my old shoes, so NO Zumba in these. I will have 3 pairs of shoes in my rotation now...(tossing out a pair)...these for running, my Brooks for walking, elliptical, biking...and the Saucony Pro Grids (former running) will now be exclusively Zumba. For Christmas, I would love to buy a pair of actual dance/aerobics shoes for Zumba.

How many pairs of shoes to you have in your exercise rotation? What are your favorite brands/styles?


  1. Nice shoes! I like that they're sporty and feminine. Sometimes you have to compromise one for the other.

    As for how many pairs of shoes I have? One. And they don't fit well. At all. So...I don't wear them. I have to workout in my bare feet. How sad is that?!

  2. I only have one pair of running shoes, some New Balances that I loooove. But I want to get a second pair so I can rotate them.

  3. Awesome sneaks! I love some pink!

    I have five pair of running shoes. I have two pair of Nike Free, two pair of Vibrams and one brand new pair of hot pink Saucony.

  4. Omw my shoes are SAD. LOL I have an UGLY (they were on clearance) pair of New Balance shoes that I've had forever. I need new ones.

  5. Beautiful new shoes! I have five pairs in my running rotation. I have two pairs of men's Nikes I use for important runs, and two pairs of older, smaller women's Nikes I use for less important runs. My intention was to retire the women's shoes when I bought the better-fitting men's shoes (not even the specialty running stores carry my size in women's shoes), but I love them too much. I also have a pair of Asics reserved for trail running. :)

    I bought the women's Nikes online at 50% off, and my mom's friend works at the running store where I bought the men's shoes and used her 40% employee discount on those.