Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot in Bama

To say that it is HOT is Alabama is an understatement. When I left for work this morning at 7:30 it was already 86 degrees and it is currently 105. It has been HOT all day.

As I increase my exercise again, I want to give myself some variety. I miss my zumba classes sooo much, but currently my gym has quit offering early evening zumba classes, and it is not financially feasible for me spend an extra 40+ a month to take classes at another gym. I have tossed the idea of changing gyms around in my head, but the truth is, for the most part, I really enjoy my gym and am uneasy about changing. So in order to keep some variety, I have scheduled two outdoor workouts a week. I may change this to one outdoor workout and one DVD workout.

So today on my schedule was an outdoor workout. I SHOULD have got myself out of bed early to get in the workout before it hit triple digits, but I couldn't get myself up. Honestly, I thought about skipping the workout all together, but after yesterday's "lacking" workout, I knew I couldn't skip. So I forced myself outside. Knowing that I would be outside in the heat I really worked hard to hydrate during the day and got in over 100 oz. I knew it was too hot to run and decided I would try my best to get in a 2 mile power-walk. I had hubby on stand-by incase I got to the one mile mark and couldn't make it back (massive hill). But I am proud to say I did it!!! I drank another 20 oz during the walk and then guzzled down 40 oz more when I got back to the house. I was dripping with sweat but felt really, really good. This was also a new route, but definitely one I want to do again.

Mileage goal for the week- 10 miles
Miles so far: 7.5


  1. Good for you Jessica, for getting yourself out there. Funny thing, I too opted out of my early morning schedule run. I did get to the gym, but will have a make-up run tomorrow morning.

  2. way to go for getting outside! Its over 100 here too and I have been a big old baby and have stayed holed up all week and probably for the summer :)

  3. Awesome job - Keep it up and stay focused!

  4. Good job even though choose best self body fitness exercise for maintain body.

  5. Thats great! It is hot in SC too! As far as Zumba goes I love the ZUmba for Wii or for xbox. I also LOVE the Dance Party. Lots of fun and it is pretty amazing how quickly you get your heart rate up!