Sunday, February 17, 2013

Six miles

Today I pushed myself a little farther and managed a 6 mile "run" using intervals.

Miles 1-4
12 minute run intervals @ 4.5
5 minute walk intervals@ 3.5

After mile 4, I restarted the treadmill because I knew it would stop at one hour.

Mile 5
1/4 mile walk @ 3.5
3/4 mile run @ 4.5

Mile 6
1/4 mile walk @3.5
1/2 mile run  @ 4.7-5.0
1/4 mile walk @ 3.5-3.0

The last mile was really tough...maybe because I bumped the speed up a tiny bit.

 Then TONS OF Stretching.

I was super proud of this run. And especially the 12 minute run interval. I plan to stay at 6 miles for a couple of weeks before bumping up again.

I honestly can't believe I am doing these "longer" runs. I am pushing myself beyond my self-imposed limits and am proud of the progress I have made. I have also noticed when running intervals, if I can make it past the first 5 minutes, I feel strong and can go a bit farther than I think I can when I start the interval.


  1. GREAT Run Jessica!!! I wish we lived closer!! ID LOVE to run with you!!!

  2. That is so awesome Jessica! Love it love it love it! Keep it up girlie!

  3. Nice 6 miles!! Hey, you asked about my spaghetti patties...I'll just say my mom made up the recipe because she had 8 kids to feed. It took me a few years to actually start liking them! Here is the post with the recipe -