Friday, February 15, 2013

Week In Review

Week in Review!

How was your Food?
This was my birthday week (Feb 13), but I felt like I did really good keeping food in control. On Sunday, we went to breakfast with a friend and I have 2 biscuits. I should have only had one, but throught I did really well considering breakfast foods are my fave and it was a buffet. On Wednesday, we had family over for dinner. My MIL cooked and made beef stroganoff, we also had salad and bread. I only had once serving and then had two small cupcakes. I decided on cupcakes so there would not be leftover cake around the house. I ordered 5 cupcakes, but they threw in an extra one...and I ate it. They were small cupcakes and honestly the two I had were smaller than a regular slice of cake. They were lemon blueberry with strawberry cream cheese frosting. And NO CANDY OR SWEETS ON V'DAY :)

How was exercise this week?
Saturday- Zumba
Sunday-Bi/Tri + 5 miles (10 min run/5 min walk intervals)
Monday-Exercise Bike
Tuesday-Chest, Back, and Shoulders+2.25 mile run (10 min run/5 min walk intervals)
Wednesday-  Rest Day Birthday
Thursday- Leg Strength Training, +3 miles (working on speed)
Friday- Bike

What is on tap for the weekend?
Zumba on Saturday and Run on Sunday/ Lazy days around the house

What's New?
The Zumba studio that I go to on Saturdays is having a NEON Zumba Party. 90mins of Zumba March 1. So excited!


  1. Wow, GREAT job, especially with the holidays. You are really staying on track. Keep up the good work.

  2. NO sweets on Valentines Day!! Great job!!! I made it thru the day, but the day after was a fail!! Have a wonderful weekend!