Friday, February 22, 2013

Week in Review

How was your Food?
Food was good this week. I started the week with a bit too much peanut butter, but quickly backed away. My friend Kim and I were trying to limit our grains to only 1 per day and before 2:00. I did really well with this, and hope the scale will be nice tomorrow!

How was exercise this week?
Saturday- Zumba
Sunday-Bi/Tri + 6 miles (You can read about this in the previous post!)
Monday-Exercise Bike
Tuesday-Chest, Back, and Shoulders+2.25 mile run (I did a 16 minute run interval! My longest yet!)
Wednesday-  Rest Day
Thursday- Leg Strength Training, +2.5 (working on speed)
Friday- Rest- I generally only take one rest a week, but I really needed an extra day this week. Work has been long hours and extra stress. An extra rest day was my way of being kind to myself)

What is on tap for the weekend?
I hope to get the stuff to work on my NEON NIGHTS zumba outfit for next week :) And maybe try my hand at a running tutu, for a future 5k!

What's New?
I found a Fairy Tale 5k for March. My husband has to be out of town (where the 5k is) that weekend. Hoping we can work out all of the details, because a fairy tale 5k sounds perfect for a running librarian :) haha