Friday, February 1, 2013

Week In Review

Week in Review!

How was your food this week?
This was a tougher week food wise. I just seemed very "munchy" at night. (PMS) I tried to keep a handle on it, but I know I had one too many apple cinnamon rice cakes. Hubby thought he was being sweet bringing a huge bag of them home. It could have been much worse.

How was exercise this week?
Saturday- Zumba
Sunday-Chest, Back, and Leg Strength Training + Run.
Monday-1 mile WATP (Was feeling very, very sore.)
Tuesday-Bi and Tri Strength Training,45min Run (3min run, 3min walk,5 min run, 5 min walk)
Wednesday-  2mi Walk Away the Pounds with band
Thursday- Chest and Back Strength Training, 45min Run (3min run, 3min walk,5 min run, 5 min walk)
Friday- REST DAY!! YAY!

 What is on tap for the weekend?
Tomorrow is my first 5k of the year and I am excited!!! My goal is just to finish in under 45mins. The event is about an hour away, so hubby and I will be up bright and early to hit the road. After the race we are going to enjoy the town and shop.

 Other news!
Looking into a March 5k :)


  1. You are doing so great Jessica! I will be cheering yo on from UT!

  2. Good luck with your 5K - just have fun with it! :)