Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday with an Award

1. I would like to thank Moving Mertle for the Stylish Blogger Award. If you don't read her blog you should, she even inspired me to clean out my fridge and pantry a couple of weeks ago after posting pics of her organizing :)
The rules for this award are simple:
Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award!
Share 7 things about yourself!
Award 5 bloggers who have "Stylish" blogs!
My Seven Things...
1.  I have naturally curly hair and love it! During my teen years, I tried to tame the curls, but these days I just let them go :)
2. I am itching to go to the zoo. My husband and I have Zoo memberships and love to visit different zoos through out the year. In fact, I had planned to participate in a 5k at the Nashville Zoo this weekend, but I am afraid the weather is not going to cooperate for us to make the two hour is suppose to be snowy and icy again this weekend.
3. I LOVE candles and burn them all the time. I really enjoy the Wood Wick brand during the winter. It is nice to hear the crackling. I am cheap and would never pay full price for the Wood Wicks, but sometimes I get lucky at get them for under $10 at TJ MAXX.
4. One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to not buy any books. *Unless I find an awesome Children's Vintage Christmas Book. I have access to books all the time because I am a librarian, and yet I spend 100s  of dollars every year on them, so in an effort to save money I am restricting my purchases.

5. I collect vintage children's Christmas books and display them with my Christmas decorations each year. I have over 30 books and love finding them in little antique books stores when we are traveling :)

6.  I won a karaoke contest at a party I went to this weekend! The party was so much fun and I had a blast! PS...I can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I had fun and am excited about the gift card I won! ;)

7. I would really like to like to cook, but I don't. I cook alot, but I just don't enjoy it the way some people do...maybe one day I will enjoy it. 

I am passing this on to...

I tried to double check and make sure you guys have not already received the award :) Thanks again for the Award Moving Mertle! :)

2.  I am super excited today because I bought the game Rack-O! Did any of you guys play this when you were a kid? Basically you are dealt cards and have to order them numerically in a rack. (That sounds kind of lame but it is a fun game!)I had forgotten all about it until my Mom mentioned it the other day...and today I found it on Amazon.  WOOHOO! and it was only 10 bucks :) I know it will be worth my money LOL
3.  Last Friday I had my regular 3 month check up for my tachycardia. Monday the doctor's office called and said that my Thyroid levels were severely low along with some blood counts being wacky and wanted me to have an ultra sound and biopsy done next week. In the past my levels were "borderline" and I had an ultra sound but things seemed fine and I was never put on any kind of medicine. I am a bit nervous with all of this and am curious if any of you are currently taking thyroid meds or have had the biopsy.


  1. We played Rack-o when I was a kid :)

    Josiah takes tyroid meds and I can't tell any difference and he says he can't either.

  2. Thanks for the award!!!

    The medical frsutrating isnt it? I am the nervous type too. But try to stay calm. I will say a prayer for you :)


  3. I love Rack-o and own it!! SO FUN!

    I also like Wood Candles - I have one and it smells like a campfire!

    I have been keeping you in my thoughts - I'm sure everything will be just fine - and hopefully all it will do is bring answers!! :)

  4. I have low thyroid, and are taking levothyroxine. My thyroid tends to go up and down, so I've been taken on and off of the medicine. It's really hard to lose weight while having low thyroid that is going untreated, because it practically shuts down your metabolism. So it will be good to get on medicine, if you do need it. Good luck with everything!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS RACK-O!!! Such a childhood memory. As soon as I read this, I called my sisters and asked if they remembered, and we decided we need to find a set for the next time we're all together!

  6. Thank you for the award!!! And Rack-O...I wonder where my game is??? I loved that much fun (and you are right--guess that unless you have actually played...the description probably doesn't do it justice!). Will have to search and find mine!!!