Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. This has been a great week so far in terms of food & fitness. One thing that I have really enjoyed is playing Wii Fit in the morning. In trying to figure out a time to do the Wii in order to complete my weekly minutes for my WWW goal, I decided that a couple of morning a week I needed to get up and log some minutes, because I didn't want them all to be earned on the weekend (in case other things came up), and after I do the gym after work it is nice to just veg with T. I LOVE doing this in the morning. I have never liked going to the gym in the morning because of having to pack up everything and showering and dressing for work there (coming back home is not an option). This is a great way to get in some morning exercise. My favorite is Hoola Hoop and the 10 min session wears me out! But I love it :)

2.  They say we are in for more snow this week in BAMA :) I love this...did I tell you guys that we had a white Christmas? It was beautiful, but melted the next day. Maybe this snow will stick around a bit longer :)

3. I have noticed some new followers lately, and have tried to return the blog love, but if you are a new follower and you haven't seen me around your blog let me know so I can show you some support :)


  1. We have sucked for snow this year it appears the south stole it all. I can see grass in January what the eff. It's so weird. Luckily we had our white Christmas, and it's supposed to start snowing more this weekend here too!

  2. I can't wait to get a Wii Fit- we're trying to find a good sale. I'm looking forward to getting some of the workout games!

  3. Enjoy the snow! There isn't any on the ground here in Chicago, which I am grateful for! The cold I don't mind, but the snow makes it a little hard to get around.

    I played Wii Fit a lot with my family when I was in CT - I forgot how much fun it is! My brother got really into the Obstacle Course. My favorite is the skateboarding!

  4. Great workout!!! That sounds like fun. Six inches of snow in Alabama? Wow, that does sound wild!