Monday, March 28, 2011

Give Away

A while back, Shannon at Shannon Under Construction did a give away for the book, Confessions of a Carb Queen by Susan Blech.

I won the give away, and one of the conditions of winning the book was to pass it on to another blogger after reading. (I also passed it on to a couple of friends after I read it and had them return it to me so I could pass it on to you guys.)

This was a fascinating read for me. I laughed and cried.  I thought the book was incredibly honest and raw. During the first few chapters, I literally had to take breaks from the reading because I felt her story was so intense during her binges. I found hope and motivation as she worked hard for her new body and life.

You can visit the author's website and learn more about her and the book here.

And if you want a chance to win this book leave a comment with a "diet confession" of your own. I only ask that you keep with the spirit that Shannon had when she first gave away this book....when you finish reading, pass it on to another blogger :)  I will draw a name from the entries on Friday and post the winner by 10 central time!


  1. Diet confession - I always go potty (#2) in the am before I get on the scale, to make sure I'm the lightest I could possibly be!! I also lick the knife I use to spread peanutbutter every time! No wasting pb!! I'd love to read that book - it sounds awesome!!

  2. A confession...
    I was in a group that worked out with Kathy Smith last summer. We drove 1 hour to get there started the workout, snuck out and went to Mimi's for a huge fattening breakfast.
    There are you happy!?! ;)
    The thought of the makes me cringe. lol
    I would lovee to read the book!

  3. The book sounds really interesting! I'm with Ann - my weigh-ins are always post-potty .... and completely naked. Some weeks, especially lately, I need all the help I can get!

  4. Good book, loved reading it, glad you did too!


  5. Here is a totally weird confession: I once at a Snickers with a knife and a fork because in some twisted way of thinking, that made it acceptable as a "meal".

  6. My diet confession is sort of about me, but more about my sneakiness. I'm secretly swapping healthier foods into my husband's lunches and passing them off as the regular stuff ;) Shhhh!